Apple and Samsung battled over Earth Day

apple samsung

apple samsung

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it’s rare to see a brand deliberately dare its competition to steal its ideas and run with them. Recently, mobile computing giant, Apple, did just that, running a print advertisement practically daring rival Samsung to follow its lead. Ronn Torossian explains how this came about, and why it could lead to some fun and interesting technology PR in the coming months.

Mobile device companies have been under fire in recent years for their perceived lack of environmental responsibility. So, with Earth Day coming up, Apple decided to flip this perception… and, in doing so, they took the opportunity to poke some fun at Samsung. After launching a website extolling its environmental efforts, Apple released a newspaper advertisement that, some have admitted, seems to openly needle its chief rival in the mobile market.

The main focus of the ad is huge text which reads: “There are some ideas we want every company to copy.”

The rest of the ad details Apple’s environmental efforts, including solar energy, and calls on other companies to follow suit. But, for those in the know, the ad’s text has a biting double meaning. Apple and Samsung are currently in a lengthy and harsh legal battle regarding patent infringement. This lawsuit is being closely watched by everyone inside, and many outside, the technology industry. So, while the ad content could be seen as innocent by those unaware of the conflict, Apple knew its target market would get the joke.

And they were right. Within minutes of the ad hitting newsstands, it was already being Tweeted, shared, and posted. While this will likely not impact the outcome of the trial, it will become a touchstone in the consumer PR battle for some time to come.

The question on many minds…how will Samsung respond?


Ronn Torossian

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