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One of the most successful commercial series of the last couple of years has been the AT&T commercial campaign featuring a spokesman chatting with a handful of cute grade schoolers. The tagline, if you are unfamiliar, is “it’s not complicated.”

The thrust of the PR is to drive home the idea that AT&T’s service is not complicated. It’s simply “better,” for many obvious reasons. This point is repeated, point by point, over a series of several commercials that each covers a specific point.

Ronn Torossian explains why the use of the kids in the spots is a brilliant way to communicate the message without spelling it all out:

Kids are a great delivery system for messages, because they come across as so honest, and believable. Plus, they carry with them the “kids say the darndest things” cuteness that viewers easily connect with.

But, the kids also reinforce the “it’s so simple” message. They are bottom line, to the point, and honest to a fault. But their answers are simultaneously simple and creative.

These qualities have the combined impact of driving home the overall “it’s not complicated” message, while also entertaining the audience so they forget they are watching a commercial.

“This second dynamic is excellent when it’s done well,” Torossian said. “People love to be entertained but they hate to be ‘sold’. So, entertaining your audience while also convincing them of your message is a gold standard in advertorial PR.”

Plus, entertaining and simple PR has the added benefit of being memorable and fun to talk about.

“Viewers will be motivated to share their entertainment value, and they will remember the content well enough to have something entertaining to share with their friends,” Torossian added. “Never underestimate that power of accurate repetition of a core message.”

Ronn Torossian

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