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Three Entertainment PR Platforms that are Heating Up

5WPR Use Consumer TechnologyAs consumer technology continues to evolve, the way PR firms approach marketing media must evolve with it. PR approaches vary depending on what audience brands seek to reach. Modern technology, with high-def TVs in nearly every home and digital image screens on smart phones, has changed the status quo in less than five years.

5W Public Relations, also known as 5WPR  gives three formerly “cool” media examples that are “heating up” and how that is changing consumer PR.

#1 – Television

Do you know someone with a console or tube television? Do you remember the last time
you watched a square format program or a movie produced before 2000? Do you remember TV looking that “bad?” The average consumer is now accustomed to experiencing picture clarity and quality in their home that a few years ago was only possible on the big screen. It is really not accurate at this point to think of TV as a cool medium any longer. It is fairly universally hot, and marketing strategies must be also.

#2 – The Internet

Video is taking over the Internet. The only question is when this will happen. Further, as upload and download speeds increase, increased visual acuity is possible across the web. This combination of rapidly improving technology and a shift in consumer expectation is driving a new sort of content war online. Consumers are looking for quick, interactive content to view and share. PR firms like 5WPR must respond to this by formulating campaign content that is “hot” for a traditionally “cool” medium.

#3 – Personal Computers

Here we are using the “PC” label in the traditional sense but including laptops and mobile devices in the equation. While in some cases PCs are still cool media, with the capabilities of many to play high-def music and video, that is changing. More importantly, consumer expectation is changing.

Ronn Torossian of 5WPR believes if you rigidly follow the traditional rules for hot and cool media, you will miss out on what’s possible with today’s new media. Worse, you will also frustrate a consumer market growing accustomed to “hot” media on just about every tech device they own.

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NFL’s Use of Social Media PR

social media NFLLast week sports media was abuzz with the NFL draft. Fans of every team scoured the Internet for the latest updates, hosted draft parties and waited – wishing and hoping for the missing piece that would get their team back into the playoffs. “This tension,” said Ronn Torossian,the head of top PR firm 5WPR, “can teach you the most important fundamental of a good social media campaign.”

During the entire process, from the Round 1 pomp and circumstance to the undrafted signings after Round 7, the NFL’s Social Media/PR agency was working overtime to keep fans engaged. Here are three ways they did so utilizing social media PR. You can apply the same principles for success in your business.
#1 – Easy sharing

This is vital. No matter what the news was surrounding the draft, from player reaction to pictures of draftees holding jerseys, the NFL’s PR Agency made it easy to share. A simple click kept content flying back and forth across cyberspace. This can work for your social media PR efforts too. No matter what you publish, make sure it is “one-click” simple to share.

#2 – Ready-made images

Within minutes of a pick being made, teams released dynamic images of that player in a team uniform. After some added splashy text and a catchy slogan, suddenly that image was being shared across the web at blinding speed. That was how millions found out who their favorite team had drafted. Not from some news report. From a picture that popped up in their newsfeed. Think about how much information was actually being shared in a single image. Did you know that consumers are much more likely to share a visual image than a text link? It’s true. So … how can you communicate news about your organization with a single dynamic image?

#3 – Re-tweets

5WPR’s Ronn Torossian also pointed out that over the past year, Twitter has increasingly become a channel for news. What gets tweeted or re-tweeted has even impacted presidential politics. During the draft, Twitter was on fire. Instead of asking the players how they felt when they were drafted, news agencies simply followed their Twitter feeds and reported what they read. What about you? Who’s following your company Twitter page? Have you trained your employees to automatically re-tweet company messages? If not, think about how much potential market saturation you’re missing out on.

With some forethought planning and training, any company or cause can use social media to ignite their PR efforts. Take a page from the NFL. Make it easy for fans to share. Keep them well stocked with shareable content and encourage your employees, volunteers and fans to re-tweet your content.

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Why Talent Develop Moves Like Jagger

Why Talent Develop Moves Like Jagger

Music may be a universal language, but everyone has a favorite dialect. Genres are often important to a person’s sense of self. Who you listen to matters. Most people have a favorite artist or genre, but they are open to new musical experiences. They know they might not like it, but they are willing to give it a shot. In the Public Relations industry, we call that an opportunity.

One of the key concepts of basic marketing is called “participation.” This is the idea of attracting new clients or customers and turning them into fans. One of the main catalysts of this sort of marketing is employing current fans to introduce your product or service to their friends, family or coworkers. How can you do this if you love orchestral music but everyone else you know digs rock-n-roll? Chances are your local orchestra already has this figured out.

#1 – Guest artists as soloists

Many orchestras will invite a superstar solo act from rock or pop to join them for a special series of shows. They do this not only to get wider exposure, but to give their loyal fans the opportunity to do a little one-on-one entertainment PR. “Hey, did you know so and so will be singing with the orchestra next month? We should get some tickets!”

#2 – Crossover performances

One of the most famous rock-opera crossovers happened when two members of the international super band, U2, joined forces with opera powerhouse Pavarotti. Their single took the world by storm and is still getting airplay on YouTube and mass downloads on iTunes.

#3 – Rock series

As the boomers grow older, classical concert orchestras have increasingly added rock songs and series to their repertoire. And why not? That generation came of age during the glory years of the British Invasion. The idyllic harmonies of the Beatles and the huge wall of sound generated by Pink Floyd pair perfectly with a full orchestra.

And even a much younger crowd can remember the orchestral arrangements on Guns N’ Roses and Smashing Pumpkins albums. Replaying these arrangements are a terrific way for orchestras to introduce new fans to their talent and create that “participation” every entertainment act needs to succeed.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Is Awesome: Celebrate Her Success

Gwyenth Paltrow has great brandingGwyneth Paltrow was today named the world’s most beautiful woman for 2013 by People Magazine, and all of us should stand up and celebrate her success. She is a beautiful, successful, intelligent and confident woman, and it is special to watch her.

Paltrow is a great mother, in a seemingly healthy celebrity marriage, committed to her family People Magazine deeming her the most beautiful woman will be great for her career and should help her to achieve even higher success.

It was absurd that last week Star Magazine named her the Most Hated Celebrity.  She was more hated that Chris Brown who beat up Rihanna, or Kristen Stewart who cheated on her boyfriend publicly? Could the reason be anything other than jealousy?

Brand Gwyneth is simply awesome – she took care of her mother when she was sick, her husband is rock star Chris Martin of Cold Play, and she cares about all aspects of her childrens’ lives.  No one is perfect, but this is a successful, intelligent, confident woman – haters should leave her alone. Isn’t it nice to read about a celebrity who is honestly a nice person? Her reaction to the People Magazine cover? “I honestly thought someone was playing a joke on me. I had to reread the e-mail three times. I was like, ‘This can’t be true…” Genuinely humble.

As CEO of 5WPR, I have worked extensively with celebrity brands – and the Gwyneth Paltrow brand is simply an amazing brand.  All of America should salute her and root for her.

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Resources for Better Writing

Learn how to write like a PR proOne typo, no matter how small can have a significant impact on anything from a resume to a large scale campaign. Case in point, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s own mishap, which cost them about $250,000 dollars worth of maps because they were printed with outdated info.

While the evolution of all things digital has profoundly changed the way we communicate in the 21st century, there will still be one core skill no matter how things evolve that folks will need to master for success – writing.

Although, the fast pace environments in which we work can often mean that time is limited, there are great resources available at a moment’s notice that can be referenced if you’re in a bind. Check out a few of them below:

  • Daily Writing Tips: A great resource no matter if you’re a high school student or a seasoned journalist. The website touches upon everything from grammar to vocabulary and everything between.
  • PR Daily: Not matter what industry you’re a part of, PR Daily has a great section on writing and editing with a ton of great articles. One of the more recent one’s that stood out is “10 rules for using the apostrophe.
  • Tweet at @APstylebook: Many of us PR pros live and die by our AP Style book. However, if you’re in a bind feel free to send a tweet over to @APStylebook and they’re likely to respond and help out.
  • PR Newswire: As a seasoned PR professional, I’ve used PR Newswire in a number of capacities for years and am always keeping an eye out for updates. Not only are its blog posts informative but they’re also good to bookmark and keep handy in case you need to reference something in a pinch.

While I could go on for days, these are only a few of the resources used on a frequent basis. What are some of the ones that you use to help improve your writing skills?

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I Love Public Relations in New York

This one is for anyone thinking about practicing PR in NYC. Recently I published a blog post that wonders, out loud, why another NY PR agency would complain about this job. Public relations in New York, like anything else, can have its ups and downs. But there are far too many reasons to love this job to ever get sucked into complaining about it

Here are just a few reasons why Ronn Torossian loves practicing public relations in New York. If you are considering a career in PR at 5W Public Relations or in  marketing, this is what you have to look forward to.

#1 – Variety

Practicing public relations in New York offers something different day in and day out. One day I might be promoting a new drink for a food and beverage company. The next I am setting up a photo shoot for a CEO or helping a corporation work through a PR crisis. Some of these gigs are more challenging than others, but all of them test ones’ intellect and creativity.

#2 – Scope

As anyone who owns a company here can tell you, New York is NEVER just New York. This city is a microcosm of and a gateway to the world. Many of my clients work outside the city limits, so my work takes me there too. This requires an understanding of how PR works from NYC to LA and everything in between. Not to mention Europe and Asia. That means I have the privilege of interacting with countless cultures and endless industries.

#3 – Challenges

Do not do this job if you don’t love a challenge. Seriously. Whether my PR agency is helping a client manage a crisis or announcing an unfamiliar product to a new market, getting the message right requires work. These cases are rarely simple. To get them right requires ingenuity, problem solving, analytics and excellent teamwork. I love every minute of it. As far as I’m concerned—the greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity for success.

#4 – My Clients

I love my clients. Everybody says this, but it sure is great to be able to mean it without reservation. Over and over again I have the opportunity to represent great American success stories. Entrepreneurs, brands, entertainers and public servants—I count it a privilege to play a role in their success. It’s a shame to stop here when there are so many reasons why I love what I do. But, because I love what I do, there’s always one more truth I can embrace—I have work to do.

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Executing a Successful Entertainment Public Relations Plan

Executing a  successful entertainment Public Relations plan is something 5W Public Relations does best.  When releasing a remake or reimagining of a previous brand, entertainment PR companies must walk a fine line, attracting new fans without alienating the nostalgic old guard. The circa 1980s cartoon, GI Joe, came about at a time when America was uniformly mighty, militant and gung ho for the red, white and blue. But would those themes translate well on the big screen in an age where the country is war weary and politically divided?

Here are 4 points of the successful battle plan devised by MGM’s digital PR agency:

Nostalgia – Return to Classic Characters and Vehicles

Like Transformers before it, the GI Joe franchise is depending on a huge showing from adults who remember the show from childhood. The challenge was finding the sweet spot between nostalgia and modern relevance. There are hundreds of potential GI Joe characters that could be used in the movies. Choosing whom the audiences would want to see on screen while keeping the casts small enough for a  Hollywood feature was a challenge. Producers elected to go with a mix of classic characters and flashy favorites. Then they expanded it with proven star power. The combination of Channing Tatum and Dwayne Johnson captured a new generation of fans without alienating nostalgic 30-somethings.

Variety – Multiple media files & endless ways to share them

GI Joe doubled down on shareable digital content. Everyone interested in a movie checks out the website to view the trailer. GI Joe’s PR assault called for not only one main trailer, but multiple shorter, easily shareable clips.How many times have you told someone, “You won’t believe this scene!”? With this approach to shareable media, now you don’t have to wait through the entire preview to show them. Just grab the part you want and post it everywhere.

Reviews – Exponential second-party affirmation

GI Joe posted the standard array of critic review quotes. But, by offering a buffet of shareable content, the PR firm makes it easy for fans to create organic buzz. Buzz that, when shared across every possible social media and mobile device, will create exponential second-party affirmation and promotion.

Urgency – Turning excitement into action

All of this prolific digital PR brings users back to one place. When they get to the movie homepage, viewers can enter their zip code and quickly browse theaters, movie times and ticket prices. Suddenly, “check this out!” becomes, “let’s go right now!”

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4 social media tricks to cook up delicious food and beverage PR

food beverage social media pr

There was a time when a great review from the NY Times restaurant critic was the end-all, be-all for culinary PR in NYC. While a tasty review in the Times still matters, a review on a top NY foodie blog can be an outstanding PR agency win. But you have to be careful. Interactive and, often, anonymous blogs and foodie communities draw trolls like any other online forum. Plus, an online presence makes it easier for a diner who had a single bad experience to send out a scathing – and ultimately unfair – review.

As a top food and beverage PR agency in NYC, here are 5WPR’s  can’t-miss tips we use to protect our client’s tasteful reputations.

#1 – Get out in front of negative reviews

You’ve probably seen those sad responses to negative reviews on culinary blogs. “We’re sorry you had a bad time. We strive to … yada, yada, yada. …” Instead of placating and being condescending, directly address the specific issue. Graciously invite the customer back and offer an incentive of some kind. Yes, some people are impossible to please. And, yes, some diners seem to thrive on negativity. But honest and conscientious responses will go a long way in the eyes of more reasonable diners.

#2 – Stay on top of social media

Social media is a potential gold mine for food and beverage PR. It allows brands to interact directly with customers. Offer time-sensitive deals or special coupons and contests for fans and followers. Turn slow times into a full house with these timely specials.

#3 – Use QR codes to encourage immediate feedback

Facebook and Foursquare offer great “locator” tools for users to tell all their friends where they are. To increase “likes,” “follows” and fun user-generated images on your own social media pages, use quick-link QR codes and other mobile apps to allow diners to offer immediate feedback.

 #4 – Offer incentives for positive customer interaction

Weekly drawings for branded swag, discount coupons and other incentives can be used to increase activity on social media and review sites. The more a user posts, the more opportunity they have to win. And the more they post, the more other people interact with your brand. One simple “share this for a BOGO entrée” could earn you hundreds, if not thousands, of new fans.

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Killing Multiple Marketing Birds with One 5WPR Stone

Even back when the main media sources were the printed news, television and radio, the competition among public relation firms in New York City has been stiff. There are countless agencies in the city, from the one person shop to the mega PR companies with hundreds on staff. Each of these firms tends to concentrate on different specialties, such as clients of a certain size, businesses in a particular industry or geographic target. There are factors that a company will need to keep in mind when choosing a PR firm, but many business owners choose 5WPR because we offer a well rounded portfolio.

In my experience, I have seen that a PR agency can be successful by offering innovating marketing ideas and providing premium customer service to its clients. But if that’s all you’ve got, you’re not going to separate your company from all the other public relations firms in New York City who are effectively doing the same thing. I’m not suggesting that they need to pigeonhole themselves into a niche, but there are ways a PR firm can stand out.

One concept where I focused my efforts to enable 5WPR to step away from the pack was to specialize in complementary industries. Covering several different consumer areas that are interconnected in some way enables a company to rise above other firms if they can effectively increase visibility for one client while promoting the interests of another. A secondary advantage is that it allows the 5WPR team to become specialists in the multiple industries we represent.

There are many opportunities to use a strategy in connection with one client, and be able to carry over the concepts for use with another client in a different industry. With a few examples, you’ll be able to see the advantages for 5WPR operations and the benefits we are able to pass on to our clients. Obviously, the fashion and beauty trades share common interests in visibility at industry events, online media channels and other outlets. 5WPR’s efforts in any one of these spheres on behalf of our fashion client serves to heighten awareness of our beauty industry partners, and vice versa. Likewise, our representation of a celebrity requires us to promote and draw attention to various endeavors. Conveniently, we can accomplish this during one of the social events as we’re handling the PR for our charitable organization client. That’s why it makes sense for 5WPR to multitask on behalf of multiple clients.

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Four Key Elements to Finding the Right Public Relations Firm

updates from ronn torossian
For those that are in the market for a reputable public relations firm in New York, there is a lot to consider. There are tons of PR agencies out there that will compete for your business and it can often be a daunting task to sift through them all to find the one that is best suited for your needs.

For the most part, there are a few basic guidelines in selecting a PR firm that is right for you. A good rule of thumb is to speak with at least three PR firms before making a decision. As you do, consider the following items.

  • Work with someone that will get you results as quickly as possible. When you have to decide between the company that wants to start getting results right away or one that wants to “get to know you” for a few months first, you should probably choose the one that is more results-driven.
  • Try to find a public relations firm in New York that is going to match your personality, goals, and objectives. When it comes to PR, there is going to be some meeting in the middle, but it should not define your relationship.
  • Be very careful and selective when it comes to deciding between a general services PR company and a specialty firm. While a specialty firm is absolutely going to instantly identify with your goals, they also have several other clients with similar goals. This may make any work they do for you seem generic and cut-out, as their client’s all have objectives that are too closely matched.
  • Ask for references or samples of other similar work. Make sure all of these are in direct relation to the results you hope to get. In terms of references, Ronn Torossian’s PR firm can provide at least two or three clients that can happily vouch for them.

Even after all of this, you’ll still have quite a decision to make. Just be sure to not rush your decision and try to follow your instincts rather than just their pitch.

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