Singing Star Shares Medical Condition with Surprised Fans

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British singing sensation, Susan Boyle, first blazed into the public eye through a knockout performance on a British talent show. Since wowing the judges, the singer has become an internet sensation, and released a massively successful album of holiday music. Recently, Boyle announced to the world that she has Asperger’s. Throughout her life, Boyle has struggled with learning disabilities, and other physical, and emotional issues. But why reveal these things to the world?

According to Boyle, she is releasing this personal information because she wants her fans to have a better understanding of why she sometimes has struggled with her fame, and the attention it brought.

Boyle told a local newspaper: “I would say I have relationship difficulties, communicative difficulties, which lead to a lot of frustration. If people were a bit more patient, that would help.”

While this personal request may seem strange of a star to make to adoring fans, Ronn Torossian says Boyle’s heartfelt request strikes exactly the right tone. “She is not being overbearing, or obnoxious. She is just asking for a bit of understanding. That’s something we can all connect with.”

And that connection, Torossian says, is the key to knowing when to release personal information to the public. If a brand, or performer, wants to connect more openly with a fan base, releasing personal information can be an effective way … as long as that information is released with the right tone, and message.

People want to feel opened up to, not whined to, or complained to. Whining is whining, no matter who’s doing it. This creates a terrible PR situation. However, expressing real human emotion – something all of us can connect with – can be a real PR win.

“Being open with your fans is a way to pull them up to your level, to say, ‘hey, we’re all human, and I appreciate that you appreciate me’”, Torossian says.


Ronn Torossian

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