USAF Flash Mob Wows Smithsonian Guests

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PR may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the armed forces, but, as Ronn Torossian points out, our men, and women in uniform need to keep their brand out there, too.

Gone are the days when Uncle Sam’s “I Want You” commands attention. Today’s armed forces advertising has become about adventure, and being a global force for good. But, a recent production by the USAF Band and Chorus raised the bar on military PR.

Ronn Torossian explains: “Guests at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum were treated to a holiday-themed flash mob performance like no other. Beginning with a single cello player, eventually the entire USAF band came out, playing their own arrangement of ‘Jesu.’ Then, just when the viewers were completely blown away, the chorus came in, transitioning from ‘Jesu’ to ‘Joy to the World’.”

Of course, the entire event was captured on video, and placed on the DOD YouTube page. The video has since gone viral, with enchanted viewers spreading it across social media.

Why is this great PR for the Air Force? First, it’s a goodwill offering by the armed forces, which is always a great idea. Second, it tells people, in a spectacular way, that there are a LOT of other ways to serve in the Air Force. Who knew you could play a French horn for Uncle Sam?

Further, the schedule for the band scrolls after the video. That’s information that most people would never even think to look for otherwise. Now, not only have they heard an amazing performance, they know where, and when they can hear some more.

And that, friends, is the real PR lesson here. If you leave them wanting more you better tell them how to get it.


Ronn Torossian

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