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This Bud’s for Her: Beer Giant Celebrates Women with Updated Ads

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In a tip of the hat to International Women’s Day, Budweiser dusted off some of its old-school advertising, recreated with a more modern sensibility. Many described the side-by-side adverts as “jarring” or “very telling.” But the end result for Budweiser was a strong wave of people congratulating the brand for taking the lead on this social issue in their industry.

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GE Hoping to Reset After Rough Road

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The past few years have been very difficult for one of the most revered and successful companies in the history of the United States. General Electric (GE). Founded in 1892, GE has been a stalwart of American commerce and ingenuity for more than a century. Recently, though, the news has not been good for the company… and it’s not getting better any time soon.

CEO Larry Culp recently confessed to investors that 2019 is going to be another rough road for GE, but he has promised to take on the issues facing his company “head on” and said that the future is bright.

The simple, hard, economic truth is that many of the key products that helped GE remain strong in the second half of the 20th century just aren’t working for the company like they once did. Faced with this reality, Culp was blunt in his comments, calling the challenges facing the company “complex but clear.”

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Arizona PR Scrutiny Reveals Good Reasons to Have a Plan in Place

arizona public relations

Voters in Arizona, as well as some lawmakers and media representatives are currently asking the state charter board why it’s spending thousands of dollars each month on a single contractor for “ill-defined media relations” work.

According to reports, the state hired PR representation back in 2017, when it faced “critical media reports” relative to “financial self-dealing and mismanagement” in the Arizona charter sector. The PR professional at the heart of this matter responded to the media critique by saying:

“While I don’t speak for the Board, my recollection is that the Board and charter schools generally had become the subject of intense media focus back in 2017, including a significant number of negative stories…”

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Newspapers Answer Concerns About Cyber Attack

newspaper cyber attack

Cyber attacks are a constant growing concern in the Digital Age. As nearly everyone is hooked into the web, and more offsite and cloud-based computing is becoming popular, especially when far too many consumers are not well-versed in online safety, weaknesses and vulnerabilities abound.

Some of the biggest brands in the world have been hacked in recent years, suffering PR consequences and lost consumer confidence. But, when it comes to companies that might be vulnerable to computer-based attacks, print newspapers would not likely be at the top of anyone’s list of potential targets.

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Unconventional Management Tips to Boost Team Performance

Strong and effective teams are usually the driving force behind a successful company. It has been shown time and again that when team member support each other and work cooperatively, they perform better than groups where the members are focused on their individual interest.

Every single person in the team from the CEO to intern has an important part to play when it comes to having an positive impact on team performance.An exceptional manager is able to understand this and the importance of a cooperative group dynamic. They find ways to piece together different pieces of a team to create a cohesive and functional unit working towards a common goal.

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NCAA and Big 12 Address with Ongoing Scandal

Another pre-season for NCAA basketball begins with yet another scandal in the headlines. A corruption scandal rocked the league last year, costing iconic coaches their jobs and muddying the reputations of some of the NCAA’s top hoops programs. 2018 is off to a similar start.

Recently, it was announced that star Kansas forward Silvio De Sousa will ride the pine “indefinitely” while the top-ranked Jayhawks wait to see what the consequences for his actions will be. De Sousa has been “connected” to the longstanding scandal in a way that may damage his eligibility. Some are already saying he may miss most or all of the season. It is considered certain he will miss the big season opener against Michigan State on November 6. Kansas fans and boosters are fighting mad.

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Coffee Competition is Heating Up

Move over Cola Wars, this is the decade of the Coffee Wars. Starbucks is the clear leader, with brand saturation coast to coast, but the former “Dunkin Donuts” brand is retooled and ready for battle.

Slowly, over the past few years, Dunkin’ has been increasing its breakfast menu of quick to-go items and expanding its coffee and beverage offerings, both in the stores and on grocery shelves. There were rumors that the brand might be setting itself up to go toe-to-toe with Starbucks, but, until now, that was mostly speculation.

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Time to Address the Elephant in the City


Stopping just short of launching a stampede through London streets, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) this week released an elephant out the front of St Paul’s Cathedral- a life-sized hologram elephant,that is.

The hologram, reaching more than 16 feet in length, is part of the organisation’s Stop Wildlife Trafficking Campaign, aiming to collect more than 100,000 signatures as part of a call on the British government to end illegal wildlife trafficking.

According to the WWF, 90 percent of African elephants have been lost in the last century, amounting to 20,000 of the animals killed for their ivory each year. The figure outpaces the species’ birth rate by a country mile.

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Mattel Responds to Criticism Over Diversity Toys

mattell public relations

If you’re going to be in the public square, you learn quickly that not every criticism is going to be fair, legitimate, or sensible. Most folks say they understand that, but when they’re confronted with something entirely ridiculous but presented with credulity, they freeze up, unsure how to respond. Toy brand Mattel recently found itself in that position after a pundit ridiculed the “Thomas & Friends” TV program by placing KKK hoods on the eponymous trains.

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Apple’s Makes Pitch For The Four-Figure Smartphone

“It’s essentially a computer you carry around in your pocket” is the way countless people have described the smartphone over the years. Now, Apple is testing that cliché, and asking consumers to put their money where their mouth is. The age of the four-figure smartphone price is here, and, once again, Apple is leading the charge both in hardware and messaging.

As smartphones became both more complex and more ubiquitous, most people thought it was inevitable that, at some point, they would eclipse some laptops in price. But, with the recent reveal in Cupertino, CA, Apple released not one but two different iPhone X models that will cost you more than a grand to take home. Sure, the original iPhone X was $1,000, but that was positioned as a premium model, the top of the line, rather than the average cost of the newest model.

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