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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Ratings Fall in Wake of Bad Press

victoria secret pr

Recently, cultural news program 1A on National Public Radio devoted at least an hour-long segment, essentially, to arguing that the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is not a good look. The arguments made both by guests and by callers and posters on social media touched on the style of the garments, the look of the models, the quality of the products, and the expectations consumers feel when they see a standard Victoria’s Secret advertisement, even one as slickly produced as the fashion show.

In the same segment, guests and callers frequently and loudly promoted VS competitors that are considered, especially by Millennials, to be both more socially conscious and “woke” to socio-cultural trends.

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Chris Pratt hawking Michelob Ultra

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On the big screen, he plays the universe’s most popular goofball superhero. Now, thanks to a pair of Super Bowl commercials, Chris Pratt is using his Star-Lord fame to sell Michelob Ultra. It’s an interesting departure for Pratt, who’s made it a practice to not do TV commercials in the past.

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NY Village Responds to Seal Controversy

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Sometimes, all it takes to create a PR crisis is time. Things change, people forget, and the world moves on. Then, a new generation sees something, perhaps for the first time, and finds a message entirely different than those who have come before. Take, for example, the case of the village of Whitesboro, New York.

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Tiger Heads to Pain Med Rehab

Tiger WoodsThis has not been a great year for Tiger Woods, either in the sport that made him famous or out in the public eye. Ever since his very public breakup with his supermodel wife, Woods has been trying to win back his fans and his squeaky-clean image. He’s had an uphill battle, not helped in the least by a recent arrest for DUI.

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