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Office for iPad – Yeah, That is Happening!

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Apple purists may not know what to think, but the legions of consumers who are caught between a Mac and PC world are rejoicing. Microsoft Office will soon be available on the iPad.

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, said this is tremendous PR news for both Apple and Microsoft.

This trend reverses a line in the sand that Microsoft drew when it began marketing its own handheld mobile devices a few years back. Office has been available for Mac desktop and laptop OS-es for years now, but it looked like the software might never be available for iPad users.

Then, Satya Nadella held his first ever product unveiling as CEO of Microsoft. While many were struck by Nadella’s rapid-fire cadence and kinetic presentation, it was the product he unveiled that drew the most response. It may just be the biggest announcement from Microsoft since the XBOX1, or the Windows phone…the long rumored, and long-delayed, Office for iPad.

The devil is officially buying a snowboard. Microsoft product manager Julia White blew minds even further by announcing that, “The iPad has a reputation for helping you look cool. With Excel, it can make you look smart, too.”That line was both a backhanded compliment and admission that Microsoft has never, and likely will never, attain the “cool” status of any Mac product.

But, knowing who you are, and what your brand represents, is part of effective PR. No one in that crowd would ever argue that PCs were for the “cool kids.” But those smiles on the faces of Microsoft reps reveal that they believe they will get the last laugh. They envision a world where iPad users, familiar with Office software at work or on their laptops, will opt for the Windows product over the made for Mac word processing and database software.

Early tests have proclaimed that the iPad Office suite looks even better than the desktop or laptop versions. Time will tell if the app actually catches on, but in the meantime, Microsoft once again has the opportunity to enjoy being the darling of the technology consumer market…even if the buzz only lasts until the next iPhone is released.

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Bracketology: PR wins in March Madness

March Madness is upon us once again. Teams from all across the country, some of which most people have never heard of, will fill out a bracket and compete in a national tournament to determine the top team in college basketball. Half of them will not make it past one game. Fewer and fewer teams make it further and further until the Final Four are crowned. Then, the championship game.

By the time the madness is over, only one team will still stand tall. But, what of all those Cinderellas and Underdogs? Ronn Torossian – CEO of 5WPR a top pr agency in NYC says, even if they haven’t cut down a single net, they may still come out ahead of the game.

The top teams carry the weight of heavy expectations. If they win, people just shrug, nod, and move on. But, if they lose, people lament and shout about missed opportunities. However, if an underdog “no name” team manages to pull out a win – or even a great showing against a “better” team, this can be a tremendous PR win for the school. Not only will they get national attention and priceless exposure, but this connection with national powerhouses pulls the smaller schools up in prestige, and gives them standing by association.

Every year, at least one Cinderella team makes a deep run, turning an anonymous school into a household name. Torossian says this dynamic teaches a stark lesson about elevation by association.

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Using Social Media to Connect with Customers

It’s hardly any secret that social media is where your customers are. And, increasingly, they are neatly packaged into nice little advertising aggregates for you to market to. However, there are right ways and wrong ways to go about that marketing. Ronn Torossian explains.

#1 – Be consistent

Getting on a consistent posting schedule is one of the most important steps you should take when building a social media plan and platform. You need to create an expectation in your fan base, then reward that expectation to continue to build habits in your users.

#2 – Be specific

Not just in what you post, but in who you target. Most social media platforms allow you to laser target exactly who you want to serve, but before you can do that effectively, you need to know exactly who you want to connect with. Social media will allow you to use content to determine who is your best target audience.

#3 – Be worthwhile

Consistency is terrific, but your content also needs to matter. Take the time to study approaches, and content, that works, then follow that pattern with your own content. Position it to be interesting, and compelling. Not just – or ever – advertorial.

Apply these tips to a plan already in progress and use them to determine how you should build campaigns in the future. Remember, while methods may change, and will certainly continue to evolve, the basics remain the basics. Customers want to know they can depend on you to be there, be quality, and to be what they are looking for. Succeed based on those metrics and you will build a foundation for future success.

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Marine humiliated on Delta flight?

5W PR, led by CEO Ronn Torossian

This was one of those things that everyone who was involved wished didn’t happen – not very smart. Even people who love to be angry wish something like this didn’t happen. But according to one Marine, and several witnesses, on a particular Delta flight … unfortunately it did happen.

An amputee Marine, injured during service in Afghanistan, was on board a recent Delta flight when he was, reportedly, paraded down the aisle in his wheelchair to his seat. Along the way he was accidentally bumped into other passengers, all the way to almost the back of the plane. When several passengers in first class volunteered to give up their seats so that the wounded veteran could have more room, the flight crew ignored these requests.

It is important to note here that the complaint did not come from the offended Marine. Instead, it came from Army Col. Nickey Knighton, a fellow passenger on the flight. Col. Knighton sent a complaint to Delta Airlines about how the Marine was treated. Then, the Washington Post got hold of the complaint and published the story.

Many other major media outlets picked it up and ran with it as well. While Delta has released no official findings since the incident, the airline did say it would investigate. But stopped short of even admitting the incident happened. Regardless of the accuracy of the story, the airline will likely have to deal with a crisis PR firm for this one.

Delta should have acted more quickly to diffuse the rage that came from this. They may eventually issue an apology, but one should have come already. In fact, it should have been the first thing that happened. Instead, Delta opted for  the response that“this in no way reflects how Delta treats customers.”

In fairness, this official statement did end with an apology. However, that admission is more omission, and one that will ring hollow for most consumers. While Delta may not treat their customers poorly, the incident in question begs to differ. As of this writing, that point has yet to be addressed.

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Five Tips For Creating Content That Enhances Your Reputation

Ronn Torossian is founder and CEO of 5W Public Relations

PR is essential when it comes to companies, business, and organizations. It gets the word out about what is going on within a company, rather than leaving the public speculating over imagined plots or associating brands with the sinister caricatures of a faceless corporation that is only out for profits.

Writing content that makes your company look good however is not always easy. Follow these five tips I have learned as the CEO of 5WPR on writing winning PR, and you just might be able to show that your company is part of a community and NOT just another business on the block bent on making a buck at all costs.

1. Grab attention right away. The media is saturated with information, and consumers will skip over many things that do not catch their interest. Ronn Torossian says that a great headline is one way to quickly capture the eye and attention of your audience so that you can reel them in and give them more information. In fact, headlines are so important you should often spend more time on the headline than on your article.

Sometimes the headlines and bullets are all anybody reads. Don’t believe me? Think about which parts of this article you looked at first? Was this the second line you read, or the first?

2. Get to the point right away. People are busy, and they will often only skim public relations material before moving on. Be clear, be concise, and get to the point. If you do that early on, they just might stick around for the rest of the article.

3. Provide access to more information. Whether it is a link to your company’s website or information on where to read more, always provide a way for your audience to learn more. This ensures that consumers can easily find out more about your company as well as more information about whatever topics you are sharing with them.

4. Lead with the “why” instead of the “what”. It is often tempting to start by explaining what is going on with your company, but research has shown that people become more interested when they understand the why, or the reasons, behind it. Knowing the reason makes your audience care more about the topic and gets them more invested in what is going on with your company.

5. Do not try to force big news out of small news. Making something seem more important than it actually is can cause your company to lose credibility. It is the same as the boy who cried wolf. Instead, give your news its proper due. Your audience will appreciate the distinction.


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Starting with a Bang in a New Year

media relations

The New Year is here, and with it, a world of potential, possibility, and opportunity. So what are you going to do with it? If you haven’t started planning already, you better get started.

#1 – What will your public face be?

You cannot possibly tell everyone, everything about yourself. Even in a year’s worth of PR. Too much information is a common mistake that far too many brands make in their PR communication. Your company, or brand should be who it is while also projecting a very protected public face. You are not your “image,” but that image must effectively represent you to your various markets.

#2 – What message do you want to communicate this year?

What, exactly, is your overarching message and how will you communicate that to your target market? Say too much, and people lose interest. Say too little, and you confuse them. But, the line’s not so fine as it may seem. In fact, your message can have a wide range, if you know how to properly craft, and deliver it.

#3 – How will the seasons, or quarters affect that message?

Timeliness is one aspect of PR messaging that far too many brands pay far too little attention to. Your brand message may not change very much throughout the year, but you should give some thought to tweaking it to coincide with the ebbs and flows of your market’s seasonal routine.

#4 – When, and why, will you execute your best PR campaigns this year?

Torossian says answering these questions will give you a good start in your quest for success in the New Year. And, if you need help answering any of these questions, contact Torossian, and his team at, today.

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This is Your PR on Tebow

Tebow TeeBowing

Tebow TeeBowing

Even before lining up under center for the first time in the NFL, Tim Tebow has been a public relations juggernaut. He hardly played in the NFL but he landed major endorsement deals, had a Super Bowl commercial and landed speaking engagements.

The headline-stealing QB may be finished in the NFL

Even though he won a playoff game in Denver, Tebow’s play never matched his popularity, and he struggled to make it on three NFL teams. The worst spot was definitely at New York. To this day no one quite understands why the Jets wanted Tebow. Rex Ryan was set against him from Day One and he was never going to be the starter.

Now, after being – reportedly – cut from the Patriots, the Tebow era in the NFL might be over. And it was an “NFL era.” The Tebow PR machine was bigger than any one team. Bigger even than the NFL.

But why?

Teams hire countless talented players each and every year. Some have even won National Championships, as Tebow did (twice). Others have won the Heisman Trophy, as Tebow did. But none have achieved the transcendent fame of Tebow.

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR, explains the Tebow phenomenon from and public relations perspective and explains how you can apply some Tebow magic to your own brand.

Torossian tip #1 – Tebow was tough not to like

Even if you didn’t want him as quarterback, you wanted him on your team. He offered intangible benefits that caused people to look beyond his skill. How can you position your brand that way in the marketplace.

TebowTorossian tip #2 – Tebow is more than a football player

Tebow developed a strong brand outside of football by just being Tebow. He is sought after for his testimony, volunteer efforts and squeaky-clean image. How can you set your brand up to offer more to your potential customer base? Do this, and you will be able to multiply your market potential.

Torossian tip #3 – Tebow gets people talking

There are hundreds of players in the NFL no one ever talks about. Yet, people can’t seem to keep away from the topic of Tebow. How can you create a conversation about your brand that continues, crossing markets and never stopping?

When you think of the NFL as a business, it’s easier to apply the lesson learned from the Tebow brand that can allow you to increase your brand reach and market development.

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Will Apple’s Tax “Scandal” Tarnish Its Image

5wpr apple

Recently it was announced that Apple may have benefited from certain corporate tax loopholes to avoid paying billions in corporate taxes. While the facts of this case are still in dispute, the headlines are flying fast and furiously. Questions are being asked about the future of the computing and experiential technology giant, and dire predictions are being tossed around. But Apple has been remarkably silent, choosing not to respond to the cacophony of criticism.

And this PR approach seems to be working. CEO of top PR agency, 5WPR, Ronn Torossian explains why.

#1 – Apple is focused elsewhere

Customer experience and continuing to establish and expand the Apple brand have always been Apple’s chief focuses. By remaining silent amidst these accusations, Apple reinforces two images. One, that they firmly believe they have done nothing out of order. And, two, that they are going to spend their time continuing to deliver a customer experience their fans have come to expect. Top PR agencies, such as 5WPR, know the effectiveness of shifting the focus away from negative media.

#2 – Customers care more about experience

This approach works because the majority of Apple’s customers do not mind if Apple has good tax attorneys. They just want the latest and greatest products and the best apps to use on them. Although it’s a PR agency’s job to refuse situations such as this, it helps when the company has build a solid foundation with their brand.This is not to say that Apple’s consumer base is not concerned about corporate tax law, but that they simply care more about having great consumer experience using Apple products. This is evident in two prior issues with the iPhone and Macbook Air. Consumers responded immediately, compelling almost instant reactions from Apple. The response to these accusations has been decidedly more tepid.

#3 – No one really enjoys paying taxes

This is not really a public relations point, and 5WPR is a PR agency who very carefully follows the tax laws to a “T,” both quarterly and annually, but most of us are thinking it, so it needed to be said. If this corporation continues to do good things for its consumers – particularly after the announcement that Apple will be bringing more jobs back into the United States – most people will look the other way until egregious violations have been effectively proven.

#4 – The responsible parties are already engaged

From Apple’s perspective this is an issue for their attorneys and PR agency. And their consumers seem to be comfortable with this arrangement. And why not, no wrongdoing has been proven, and Apple makes a very poor corporate boogieman. After all, this is a company that has a definitive and beneficial impact on the vast majority of US households … most of whom just want to know what Apple gurus will think of next.

As long as these four factors remain true, and any potential wrongdoing remains nebulous, Apple’s silence on this issue will not hurt them. This only goes to prove that, sometimes, the best public relations response is to say nothing until the time is right.

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3 Reasons PR Firms Use Youtube to Build Brands

When building a reputation online, image is paramount. Your image is your brand. It’s what people understand you to be and how they talk about you to their family and friends. This is why social media has such incredible public relations potential and why YouTube, in particular, offers a tuned-in PR firm their best shot at getting their clients entrenched online. Here are 3 ways PR Firms like 5WPR use Youtube to build their clients brands.

1. New product releases

Releasing a new product on YouTube can be a huge bump for a company trying to establish itself in the market. Look at the success the GoPro brand had with their YouTube marketing program. To date there 10,700,000 company and user-generated YouTube videos related to GoPro on YouTube alone. One of the latest releases, less than a month old, already has more than 1.2 million views. As a company, GoPro chose YouTube for its public relations push largely because it is a video-based product. But the success of the program is based not on product but on content. If the GoPro content was less dynamic, the campaign may have failed. If they had made a few “review” videos and never showed people how their product could change their lives, GoPro may have been a flash in the pan. But instead, they struck a nerve, delighted millions of users and turned their CEO into a billionaire.

2. How to’s

That’s not to say reviews are unimportant. User reviews, specifically, can be Internet gold. Manufacturers spot and correct potential defects and communicate directly with reviewers. And enlisting an army of excited, enthusiastic users as their review team allows them to reach markets that analytics never could. Some people want an overview. Others want to know how a product performs under very specific circumstances. User reviews have a better chance of covering all the potential scenarios than traditional market testing. Plus, the sort of unbiased endorsement users can offer is a type of targeted public relations that no campaign could ever match.

3. Viral potential

YouTube is the single most dynamic public relations tool available to anyone, anywhere. With some production know-how and an understanding of what engages and motivates viewers, you can turn this free multimedia resource into a public relations goldmine. People say that no one can predict what may go viral on YouTube, and that may be true for amateur videographers making movies for fun. But it is the responsibility of a professional PR agency to understand how to make content that pops, that is sticky and dynamic. For example, this video which went viral, was actually staged for a Gillete PR campaign. This is why it’s important to create the sort of content that will push buttons and get people clicking.

Embracing all available tools and platforms is vital for a PR campaign to succeed.

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Public Relations Firm Counsels Caution in Crisis

ronn torossian update blog

When you live your life in the public eye, chances are sooner or later you will find yourself dealing with an uncomfortable situation. Mistakes may have been made or, perhaps, you or your company may have been accused of errors. At that moment, the facts of the case matter much less than your reaction to the situation.

While it is understandable to vigorously defend oneself in the face of negative PR, 5WPR CEO Ronn Torossian suggests a careful and considered response. Sure, when something potentially negative happens, most strong people wish to address it as soon as possible. That is an understandable response, and it can be the right one. As long as that response is measured, planned and controlled. Let’s look at some scenarios.

#1 – You make a mistake

We’re all human, but there is some truth to the idea that the only thing some people love more than a success story is a fall from grace. Think of that mistake as an unexploded bomb. It may feel like you are already getting shelled, but if you immediately fire back, chances are that mistake you’re holding will really explode. Instead, your response must be cautious, careful and tactful. A difficult proposition in a highly emotional situation. But it is possible when you have the right representation.

#2 – You get accused of a mistake

You did nothing wrong but now at least some people are convinced of your guilt. It’s humiliating, frustrating and can leave you angry – with nowhere to direct that justifiable anger. Here’s the problem, if you decide to respond while angry, no matter how justified, you may make matters worse. While it is true that many people like to think the worst, many will believe the truth if presented properly. It is not enough just to tell the truth, it must be packaged in a way people want to hear it.

#3 – Your employee makes a mistake

Depending on the severity of the offense, it may be tempting to fire them and just move on. But doing so can leave far too many questions unanswered. In 2012, a major media network was accused of doctoring a recording to implicate a potentially innocent man of a crime. It worked. The producers were subsequently fired and the network moved on as if all was right with the world. Then, months later, another mistake was made. Guess what the first thing that came up was? Yep. That “old” news was suddenly breaking news again. Instead of dealing with the current mistake the network was dealing with accusations of institutional corruption. They could not deal with the actual issue because an unresolved issue was in the way.

In all of these instances, your first response may be defensive. That’s understandable. But you must squash that reflex and think about the response to your response. Your first call should be to a public relations firm. Agencies like 5WPR handle crisis PR on a regular basis, and we know exactly how to address these situations.

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