Larson Tells Media he was “Just Ignorant”

Kyle Larson races for NASCAR, a sports brand that has spent some time this year, making strides in improving the racially-tinged stigma on the brand. However, Larson had also been branded. In fact, a recent story in the Associated Press asked a significant rhetorical question about the professional racer: “What do you do when the world believes you’re a racist?”

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Promotions Heading into Race Day

Ask any racing fan, and they will tell you there’s absolutely no substitute for being there, in the stands, on race day. This year, though, has closed many of those stands to live spectators, making TV and the internet the only way to watch their favorite drivers compete in their favorite races.

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NFL Doc Says Expect Positive Cases

The NBA, NHL, and MLB are already back to living competition, without fans, but they’re playing. Some players and teams have had to stop or temporarily step away due to COVID-19 infections, however, play continues. This puts an even brighter spotlight on the NFL, which recently began training camp and has plans to begin playing live games in the coming weeks.

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Indian Matchmaker Creator Responds to Critics

When a producer succeeds in creating and broadcasting a popular television program these days, it’s almost a guarantee that there will be critics, both professional and amateur, letting the world know everything they think is wrong with that program. So it’s not surprising that critics have come after the popular Netflix program, Indian Matchmaking.

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Get the Most out of Virtual Meetings

Few people are raving fans of virtual meetings, but those are going to be the “new normal” for many companies for the foreseeable future.

This prohibition likely includes frequent media roundtable discussions. Communications professionals can complain about it or learn how to get the most out of their virtual meetings.

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Tyson Responds to Outbreak at Meatpacking Plant

Back in May, the Iowa Department of Public Health held a news conference and announced that 221 employees of the Tyson Foods pork processing plant at Columbus Junction had tested positive for coronavirus. That announcement sent a shockwave through the meat supply chain as retailers, already struggling with other COVID-related shortages, wondered if there would be more bad news and, if so, how they would be impacted.

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Brands Responding to Facebook Boycott

According to newly surfaced information, all of Facebook’s corporate advertisers such as Microsoft, Samsung, Starbucks, and Wells Fargo, ended up cutting the most amount of their advertisement investments, after the month-long boycott over how the platform has been handling discrimination and hate speech.

Out of these corporations, Wells Fargo has reduced the least amount of their advertising spending, with an average daily cut of $111,200. The corporation was closely followed by Starbucks, which reduced its spending by approximately $111,500 per day.

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Disneyland Responds to Virus Escalation in Hong Kong

Even as countless fans queued up to enter Disney World in Orlando, the company’s sister park, Hong Kong Disneyland was, once again, closing its doors.

The park only remained reopened a few weeks and chose to close again after officials in Hong Kong tightened social distancing restrictions. The move was a blow to Disney, as the entertainment company struggles to find the right narrative message between protecting its staff and guests and inviting people to enjoy their parks.

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US Airlines Warn of Possible Impending Furloughs

The US airline industry continues to struggle with how to manage the significant loss of income due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Low ridership, combined with the steady uptick in both positive cases and quarantining people, continues to strain the travel industry as a whole and airlines in particular.

In a recent statement, Southwest Airlines Chief Executive Gary Kelly put a numerical threshold on the problem, saying passenger numbers needed to triple its current business to avoid layoffs by year’s end. “Furloughs and layoffs remain our very last resort; we can’t rule them out as a possibility obviously in this very bad environment… (recent spikes and restrictions) are not positive developments for our business, and we are concerned about the impact on already weak travel demand.”

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5 Concepts That Will Ruin Your Litigation PR Campaign

When a brand or individual is involved in a legal battle, a pragmatic approach would be most suitable for a client to safeguard their reputation.

Litigation PR professionals must observe some simple yet lifesaving concepts to increase their client’s chances of success.

Here are five simple concepts that litigation PR pros can ignore at their peril.

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