Elaine Maimon: Profiled Executive of Month

Elaine Maimon represents Equity, Quality & Innovation in Higher Education

With higher education under attack from multiple sources, it’s inspiring to consider Elaine Maimon’s 50-year (and counting) career as an example of how university and college leadership at its best is essential to democracy. From her start as a young, untenured faculty member at Beaver College (now Arcadia University), to heading public university campuses (Arizona State University-West, University of Alaska-Anchorage, Governors State University), Elaine Maimon has worked tirelessly for equity, quality, and innovation, always putting students first.

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Staying Ahead of the Pack


The idiom “ahead of the pack” has been around for decades, if not longer, but its meaning has endured and remained constant over time. The challenge of being better than the competition has also escalated since the pandemic, as brands incessantly seek to outperform the rest of the industry.

70% of consumers said they would be less likely to continue doing business with a brand after the pandemic after a bad experience. That was the finding of a May survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers by messaging platform firm Podium.

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Personalized Marketing Efforts for Customers

personalized marketing

People have started noticing and talking about personalized messaging and adverts that almost seem to be able to listen to their innermost thoughts. They feel like social media platforms in particular and ads in general know way too much, and have started to wonder how that’s possible.

Gathering data has been a popular thing with the invention of different social media platforms, yet customers are still uncomfortable with the fact that big corporations can find out these details about them.

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Best Place to Work Before and During the Pandemic

best place to work

Multinational technology company Cisco was not only the best place to work in 2019 but also the best in 2020 during the pandemic. That’s the conclusion of Great Place to Work, a firm that ranks and recognizes leading companies and offers a platform and counsel to firms wishing to improve their culture and workplace environment.

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AppleTV+ Captures Halloween Classic

apple television

If the past few months have been any indication, the long-prognosticate future of streaming media is “now.” For some time, pundits and market watchers have predicted that entertainment media would reach a tipping point where more people were streaming their media than watching it on cable or even at the cinema. Thanks to pandemic restrictions and timely moves by streaming companies, that timetable appears to have been accelerated.

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Alexei Orlov: Entrepreneur of Month

alexei orlov

Founder and President of mtm choice worldwide, Alexei Orlov is a tested-and-tried pro in global marketing and business leadership. With extensive experience spanning 50 brands, 40 countries and 30 years, Orlov has built a reputation in delivering highly-targeted media optimization and brand activation.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, being part of Volkswagen’s top Leadership Team, Orlov spearheaded the company’s commercial excellence in the Chinese division. Worth noting, Orlov was co-responsible for the brand’s integrity and marketing for the organization’s key brands. Brands in Volkswagen’s portfolio that benefited from Orlov’s marketing prowess include Volkswagen, Audi, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, Seat, and Škoda.

Key Insights from Alexei Orlov

#1. Exciting Trend

According to Orlov, a trend that really excites him is the rapid shift towards social and digital authenticity. While data protection is an important facet in the digital world, it’s important to ensure that people get involved with systems rooted in authentic products. With this in mind, rules and regulations governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should have well-outlined permissions that show authentic substance, rather than prevent data breaches alone.

#2. Entrepreneur’s Most Important Strategy

Orlov’s most important strategy is to become a great practitioner that makes a difference in any identifiable market opportunity. The highly-skilled entrepreneur notes that leaving room to pivot is an important aspect of achieving any goal. With this approach, the entrepreneur has managed to make fundamental changes that were absolutely necessary, despite being difficult. From financing operations, developing key strategies, to building exceptional teams, making fundamental changes is an important facet that can lead to success.

What’s more, leaving room to pivot means an entrepreneur accepts not getting everything right, while not allowing oneself to be whimsical. Since businesses have a lot at stake, pausing for a while longer to create a  plan that makes an entrepreneur feel resolved is important.

Key Accomplishments

Over Orlov’s extensive career, he has accomplished several noteworthy feats. These are:

#1. Funding and Acquisitions

Upon inception, Orlov’s Boutique Holding Group – mtm choice worldwide – raised more than $30 million, helping the brand complete several acquisitions of reputable agencies in the media/brand activation space. To support the top-tier acquisitions, the agency secured $100 million in the third round of financing.

Under Alexei Orlov, mtm was in acquisition negotiations with six additional brands. With more rounds of funding and Orlov’s extensive expertise, the agency would secure a lead position among top brands in the media/brand activation space.

#2. Key Awards

With extensive experience and contribution to the marketing space, Orlov secured the CMO of the year award in the ASEAN market for the years 2012 and 2013. The awards were granted by the World Brand Congress.

Orlov’s expertise catapulted Proximity’s award-winning team to the lead position, securing the 2013 Cannes Gold Lion Award for creating one of the largest social media platforms in the automotive industry. The platform, dubbed “the People’s Car Project,” had more than 108 million YouKu followers and 28 million active users.

Due to Orlov’s unique approach, the award-winning entrepreneur also secured a keynote speaker position at the esteemed Global Brand Forum.

#3. Advisory Roles

Thanks to the entrepreneur’s prowess, companies look up to unique insights and advice offered in steering leadership through branding, communication, and overcoming operational challenges. With a war-chest that’s built with marketing and entrepreneurship experience, Orlov is a go-to advisor for brands seeking distinctive advantages in cluttered trading environments.

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Does Your Internal Communication Pass the C Test?

internal comms

While public relations focuses mainly on presenting the right public image and message, good, effective PR begins at home, with clear and accurate internal communication. Leaders who know how to communicate their vision and expectations in a way that increases buy-in from their team can be successful. This is true for any industry and in any organization.

This isn’t all about “fresh ideas,” “shaking things up,” or coming up with something “inspirational” to “rally the troops.” In fact, it’s more about having a well-planned and purposely implemented system in place to keep the team focused, energized, and on track.

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Kraft Kills “Noods” Campaign After Customer Comments

kraft customer

Ask any stand-up comedian, and they will tell you that the way to find the line is to cross it. But that truism doesn’t always translate well. Just ask Kraft Foods. The company was forced to apologize and pull an online advertising campaign recently after its core target market rebelled against the theme and content of the message.

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Using a Webinar to Build your Business

webinar marketing

With more people working remotely and more consumers relying on digital platforms, it’s only natural for employers and marketers to seriously consider putting on webinars. Cloud-based programs can help employers with newly hired remote staff when it comes to onboarding, but interactive webinars can bridge the gap in training and educating remote staff.

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BTS Dragged into Politics After Comments


Sometimes, an attempt at being appreciative and inclusive can go sideways. Just ask popular Korean boy band BTS. Recently, the leader of the band, who goes by the stage name RM, drew the ire of many in China for remarks RM made about “sacrifices” his countrymen have made in the past.

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