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Manuel loses at ballot box but still wins the Nobel Prize

It took years for Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and his negotiators to put together a cease-fire agreement with his country’s most violent and persistent militant rebel groups. But they did it. Then, when it looked like Colombia may have peace for the first time in most folks’ recent memories, the people voted to reject the peace accord.

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Chris Burch, Bill Gates & America’s Inspiring Self-Made Billionaires

All around the world, the stereotype persists of the millionaires and billionaires who inherit their wealth from Daddy and likely never worked a proper day in their lives. In America, however, the ‘American Dream’ reminds everyone that many of the wealthy were not born into wealth, but earned it through hard work and dedication. In fact, here are four billionaires in America, who inspire entrepreneurs everywhere to keep working towards their dreams:

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When to use Rapid Response in PR?

Rapid response is one of the true boons for entrepreneurs and the businesses they represent. The ability to respond quickly on social media with a response to questions, comments, or news worthy developments is one of the greatest gifts that the age of instant communication has brought us. Used judiciously, this ability can be an excellent public relations tool that places an individual or company directly at the center of breaking news and events. However, this is one media technique that must be used with restraint, caution, and a well developed sense of timing if it is to be fully effective. Does Every Single Question Or Event Require A Response? Perhaps the first question that will occur to the reader…

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