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Email Marketing Strategy and Automation

email marketing automation

Email marketing and audience segmentation have shown to improve marketing campaign results, especially due to the innovative features with automation. These features make it easier for companies to segment long email lists, and then send out very targeted messages to the right people, mostly based on behavioral data and demographics.

These types of tools continue to get even more sophisticated, and more integration is becoming available between various platforms, tools, and websites. That means the potential of email marketing strategies and audience segmentation through unique data is going to become even more prevalent.

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Happy Days Are Coming For Marketers

happy marketing

“Happy Days are Here Again” was a popular 1929 song that’s since been recorded by numerous artists. It was even the theme song for Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s successful 1932 presidential campaign and has been featured in more than 80 movies and 76 record albums. 2021 marketers may be reviving the song once again as some indications point to increases in consumer spending this year.

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CX Measurement at a Crossroads

cx strategy

Surveys have a long and valuable history which some experts say date back to the beginning of the 20th century. Back then, they were used by researchers to determine the extent of problems like poverty in our society. But as soon as marketers realized its worth in gauging customer experience (CX), they too employed surveys and capitalized on the information gathered to improve their campaigns.

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Going for the Gold with Competitive Intelligence

competitive insights

No one probably comprehends both the depths and heights of competition more than Shaun White. Many people are aware of his heights as a three-time Olympic gold medalist and record holder for the most X Games gold medals, as well as 10 ESPY Awards.

What most people aren’t aware of is that White was born with a congenital heart defect and had two open-heart surgeries before he even got to celebrate his first birthday.

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Values to Stand and Work By

values to stand by

It was 16 years ago that Jim Collins and Jerry Porras came out with their highly-acclaimed book, “Built to Last.” In it, they cited hundreds of examples from successful companies of all sizes that endured through the years and analyzed each besides their competitors over a period of six years.

A couple of the findings of what they referred to as “visionary companies” were that these companies made a lasting impact on the world and were greatly admired by informed business persons.

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Connecting PR to Marketing

communications plans

Companies that are looking to expand their reach and expose their products or services to new audiences would greatly benefit from public relations.

Through public relations, a company is able to communicate with different people, from its customers to its employees, partners, journalists, and even the general public. Regardless of a company’s size, practically any business can benefit from PR.

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Effective Customer Engagement Channels

customer engagement channel

Based on an analysis of 29 billion messages sent in 2019 by Braze, in-app messages were the most effective means of customer engagement.

The software firm said that users who received in-app messages had engagement rates 131% higher than people who received none. Nearly 40% of people receiving in-app messages (39.88%) responded compared to email (13.58%) and push notifications (4.49%).

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Texting Wins the Race


Consumers say speed counts when they wish to get an answer or resolve an issue, and 58% polled recently by software firm Winzip said texting and not is the quickest way to reach them. In spite of this revelation, 58% of the marketers surveyed said they have a difficult time getting a hold of customers. 78% even admitted to playing phone tag with customers.

The 58% reported almost seems like a contradiction to other results from the survey including the 70% of businesses who reported using text messages to reach not only their customers, but also their employees. According to Winzip, that number is up 3% from the year before. Another 77% said they expect to continue texting in the new normal.

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Get Ready for Some Bumps Down the Road

bumpy road

A bumpy road was one of the major responses coming out of the 11th annual Business Leaders Outlook survey of more than a thousand executives from mid-market U.S. companies ($20 million to $500 million annual revenues) conducted from November to December 2020. In spite of that, most also felt cautiously optimistic about the economic outlook in 2021.

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Delivering Great Customer Service on Social Media

customer service 2021

When social media was set up, it was intended for fast, two-way communication between friends and family, but when marketers realized its power, they jumped right in. An earlier article identified the most popular platforms, demographics, and what consumers wanted to see from brands that were pitching them.

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