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Utilizing  Current Events for Marketing Purposes

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The Red Cross recently had a brilliant marketing scheme. In an effort to drive up blood donor numbers, the nonprofit organization leveraged the upcoming season premiere of the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones, for its marketing campaign.

“Bleed for the throne.”

The slogan was paired with a red-tinged artist’s rendering from a Game of Thrones scene and the font associated with the show’s title letters.

At the very least, the campaign accomplished one goal: to start a conversation. Game of Thrones, with its millions of loyal fans, has a marketing power that other brands are attempting to harness. But this is a smart strategy! Leveraging current events can often be the fresh air that a brand needs to spin out some new marketing materials.

So how does a brand take advantage of current events for marketing purposes? Of course, this has to be done in good taste (unless a brand simply doesn’t care about reception and simply wants to make a splash — that is a different conversation!).

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Developing a Content Strategy for Effective Marketing

content marketing

Having an effective and viable content strategy is an important key to the success of any marketing campaign. Content is easy to brush off, and it’s also easy to rush to complete and publish. After all, more is more, right? Wrong. Remember, consumer behavior trends today identify a strong sense of fatigue. This comes from the constant stream of content seeking their attention, the conflicting reports found from various media sources on news issues, and the constant battle for subscription dollars. This creates a less-than-welcoming environment for a marketer who needs to reach more consumers with a content plan.

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Do We Still Need Nobel Prizes?


The annual Nobel Prizes in Sweden are more sacred than Christmas, drawing out international royalty in the arts and sciences, and attracting an audience of millions to witness an annual event styled in the pomp typically reserved for the naming of a new Pope. The prizes are so important that the king of Sweden last year took an unprecedented step in cancelling the Nobel Prize in literature for 2018.

Why? For the same reason Alfred Nobel founded the awards: public relations.

Inventor and chemist Nobel was famously known as the “merchant of death”, thanks to his arms dealership’s role in “killing more people faster than ever before.” In an effort to restore the Nobel name, Alfred launched the prizes under the proviso that they be for the “benefit of mankind.”

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Twitter’s Jack Dorsey is a PR nightmare this week

While Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube are falling over themselves working to keep deadly anti-vaccination rumours and hoaxes from receiving the attention they so desperately seek, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey seems bent on doing the opposite.

Dorsey has been on a media rampage in recent weeks, sitting for interviews with a host of podcasters including author Ben Greenfield on Greenfield’s podcast. In relation to the latter, Dorsey tweeted (of course): “[I] appreciate all you do to simplify the mountain of research focused on increasing one’s healthspan! Grateful for you.”

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Elon Musk adds to Tesla PR woes

elon musk public relations

Everyone’s favorite tech-ego Elon Musk has escalated his feud with the Securities and Exchange Commission, hitting back at accusations by regulators that he violated his settlement with the agency by posting “inaccurate and material information” about his firm on Twitter.

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This Bud’s for Her: Beer Giant Celebrates Women with Updated Ads

budweiser pr

In a tip of the hat to International Women’s Day, Budweiser dusted off some of its old-school advertising, recreated with a more modern sensibility. Many described the side-by-side adverts as “jarring” or “very telling.” But the end result for Budweiser was a strong wave of people congratulating the brand for taking the lead on this social issue in their industry.

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As Brexit Approaches, Messaging Becomes More Impactful

brexit public relations

As the deadline for the expected “Brexit” of the United Kingdom from the European Union draws closer, the messaging from British lawmakers is becoming more pronounced and emphatic. All involved want to be seen as being on the right side of history on this, and they also want to have some leeway just in case their current position doesn’t work out as planned.

Prime Minister Theresa May, who narrowly survived a no-confidence vote earlier this year, is putting on a brave face after two different rejections of her plans to manage Brexit. May has been strong in her insistence that Brexit will work out well for Britain, and that the country will not leave the EU without a firm agreement.

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GE Hoping to Reset After Rough Road

general electric pr

The past few years have been very difficult for one of the most revered and successful companies in the history of the United States. General Electric (GE). Founded in 1892, GE has been a stalwart of American commerce and ingenuity for more than a century. Recently, though, the news has not been good for the company… and it’s not getting better any time soon.

CEO Larry Culp recently confessed to investors that 2019 is going to be another rough road for GE, but he has promised to take on the issues facing his company “head on” and said that the future is bright.

The simple, hard, economic truth is that many of the key products that helped GE remain strong in the second half of the 20th century just aren’t working for the company like they once did. Faced with this reality, Culp was blunt in his comments, calling the challenges facing the company “complex but clear.”

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Four ways to save time on marketing efforts

marketing cost

Let’s face it – marketing can be time consuming, and if you don’t have a team working 24/7 dedicated to marketing efforts, it can take a away big chunk of your day. However, if you’re not spending enough time on marketing then it could affect your business prospects and stall growth. It’s a Catch-22 and a tough question for many businesses: should you spend more time developing and improving your product or more time marketing and selling it?

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Arizona PR Scrutiny Reveals Good Reasons to Have a Plan in Place

arizona public relations

Voters in Arizona, as well as some lawmakers and media representatives are currently asking the state charter board why it’s spending thousands of dollars each month on a single contractor for “ill-defined media relations” work.

According to reports, the state hired PR representation back in 2017, when it faced “critical media reports” relative to “financial self-dealing and mismanagement” in the Arizona charter sector. The PR professional at the heart of this matter responded to the media critique by saying:

“While I don’t speak for the Board, my recollection is that the Board and charter schools generally had become the subject of intense media focus back in 2017, including a significant number of negative stories…”

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