Tesla Invites Customers to Customize their Car

Tesla Public Relations

In recent months, Tesla has been on a public relations roller coaster. From the release of new models and new features to the unfortunate recall of these high-tech vehicles for a simple seat belt latching issue. Now, they’re back with a strong vengeance: Personalize your Model X.

Tesla Customization a Great Idea

The SUVs are not the most popular Tesla models … everyone seems to love the sports cars … but those who want an electric SUV are sure to salivate at the opportunity to personalize their new truck.

The deal currently only applies to those who previously reserved their vehicle. But the offer still makes for strong international PR. One of the biggest hindrances to past one-off car companies (think Edsel or DeLorean) is that they also have limited market potential. Sure, they are cool trendsetters … but that’s ALL they are. Once you look behind them, there is nothing. So, if the manufacturer can’t keep people focused on their Great Idea, consumers move on without a second look.

Now Tesla gives them a specific reason to take another look. They started with a bang, doing what people said could not be done: the fully electric performance car. Now they follow up with another “can’t be done”: the fully electric SUV.

A closer look reveals Tesla specifically targeting the things garnering them the most attention. Sure, they could have made another subcompact electric car … but that’s old hat. Who cares … “next, please.” But a sports car actually getting Sports Car Guys excited? Now THAT was worthy of attention. Now, they are going after a very specific market: SUV moms who love the luxury crossovers and grocery getters.

Tesla Shows Luxury

It’s an interesting tactic, given folks who choose those vehicles don’t tend to care overmuch about gas mileage. Then again, these folks do want to be noticed. Status is important. So is luxury … and nothing gets you noticed quite like having something, almost literally, no one else has. Not just on your block, but anywhere.

That’s why attention-grabbing consumer PR is important to Tesla. Even if they don’t have the supply to meet the demand generated and, in part, because of it.

Ronn Torossian

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