Is Disney’s Pixar Pier Up to Snuff?

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Disney California’s Adventure Park opened its doors to the eagerly-awaited Pixar Pier on the 23rd of June this year. Within the park, visitors can find a selection of wonderful Pixar stories and characters brought to life by exciting attractions like the amazing “Incredicoaster,” beautiful neighborhoods and Pixar-themed restaurants. Alongside a host of new entertainment, there are countless opportunities for tourists to learn more about the Pixar world on a waterfront Disneyland Resort. Pixar Pier is just one of the celebratory events that Disney are introducing as part of Pixar Fest – a celebration of all things Pixar running until the 3rd of September. One of the many highlights of Pixar Fest is the Nighttime spectacular “Together Forever” fireworks show at Disneyland parks.

What to Expect from Pixar Pier

For those planning on packing up for a quick trip to Pixar Pier in California this year, there’s plenty to look forward to. Guests enter the new location through a themed marquee leading to four distinct neighborhoods. The first location to explore is the Incredibles Park, with creative elements coming from Disney and Pixar’s “The Incredibles” movie. The biggest attraction for the location currently is the “Incredicoaster” which takes guests on an adventure chasing after the baby character “Jack-Jack.”

Situated adjacent to the Incredibles Park is the Toy Story Boardwalk – a beautiful neighborhood designed with the Toy Story Mania! ride and a host of 4D games at its heart. Guests in 2019 will also be able to saddle up for a ride on Jessie’s Critter Carousel. Alongside Toy, Story Boardwalk is the wonderful Pixar Promenade located along the seaside. This area celebrates a broad selection of popular Pixar stories, and Mickey’s Fun Wheel is currently wearing the guise of the Pal-A-Round Pixar ride which takes the guests up into the sky with a Pixar pal. There’s also the Games of Pixar Pier, where guests can practice their arcade skills.

Finally, just past the Pixar Promenade, guests will find Inside Out Headquarters – which is an area inspired by Sadness, Joy, and the other charming emotions of Disney Pixar’s “Inside Out” movie. The neighborhood is set to open a new attraction with fun for the whole family in 2019.

A Fun Part of the Pixar Celebration

Pixar Pier emerges  atop the success of the original Paradise Pier in California, which includes, Jumping Jellyfish, Paradise Gardens, and the Little Mermaid undersea adventure. All of the remaining areas not replaced by Pixar-themed neighborhoods have now joined together to create a new environment called the Paradise Gardens Park.

Overall, Pixar Pier is a fantastic part of the “Year of Pixar” celebrations that began in 2018. This year, guests of Disney theme parks far and wide are celebrating two decades of wonderful Pixar characters and stories. Alongside the opening of Pixar Pier at Disney California, Disneyland Resort is also celebrating the limited-time Pixar Fest experience, a celebration of friendship that extends all the way through into the fall.

The Shanghai-based Disney resort recently opened their own Toy Story land, and Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios is following suit on the 30th of June this year too.

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