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Making the Most of Social Media Advertising

social media

How vital is social media to marketers today? Perhaps the following data gathered earlier this year by a variety of sources might help.

Here’s what they discovered. 3.484 billion people are active social media users (We Are Social).

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The Importance of Body Language in Communication

body language

When it comes to message interpretation, more than half of what is perceived has more to do with what is seen rather than what is heard. That means body language is at least as important to how a message is received as the content of the message. So, if that’s the case, how should a communicator carry themselves so that their body language supports and complements their message? Here are a few suggestions to consider.

When standing, exude a casual, comfortable confidence by maintaining good posture and keeping your hands at your sides with no more than one hand in your pocket at any given time. Both hands in the pockets is too casual and can appear closed off. Place one foot slightly in front of the other to maintain balance without swaying.

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Personalized Marketing Efforts for Customers

personalized marketing

People have started noticing and talking about personalized messaging and adverts that almost seem to be able to listen to their innermost thoughts. They feel like social media platforms in particular and ads in general know way too much, and have started to wonder how that’s possible.

Gathering data has been a popular thing with the invention of different social media platforms, yet customers are still uncomfortable with the fact that big corporations can find out these details about them.

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Does Your Internal Communication Pass the C Test?

internal comms

While public relations focuses mainly on presenting the right public image and message, good, effective PR begins at home, with clear and accurate internal communication. Leaders who know how to communicate their vision and expectations in a way that increases buy-in from their team can be successful. This is true for any industry and in any organization.

This isn’t all about “fresh ideas,” “shaking things up,” or coming up with something “inspirational” to “rally the troops.” In fact, it’s more about having a well-planned and purposely implemented system in place to keep the team focused, energized, and on track.

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Kraft Kills “Noods” Campaign After Customer Comments

kraft customer

Ask any stand-up comedian, and they will tell you that the way to find the line is to cross it. But that truism doesn’t always translate well. Just ask Kraft Foods. The company was forced to apologize and pull an online advertising campaign recently after its core target market rebelled against the theme and content of the message.

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Using a Webinar to Build your Business

webinar marketing

With more people working remotely and more consumers relying on digital platforms, it’s only natural for employers and marketers to seriously consider putting on webinars. Cloud-based programs can help employers with newly hired remote staff when it comes to onboarding, but interactive webinars can bridge the gap in training and educating remote staff.

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BTS Dragged into Politics After Comments


Sometimes, an attempt at being appreciative and inclusive can go sideways. Just ask popular Korean boy band BTS. Recently, the leader of the band, who goes by the stage name RM, drew the ire of many in China for remarks RM made about “sacrifices” his countrymen have made in the past.

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PR Crisis To Do List

to do list crisis

There are plenty of things that a business can do before a PR crisis occurs, to prepare and avoid situations like that. Thinking ahead and creating scenarios are just two of several ways in which businesses prepare in terms of crisis management and creating strategies that can combat a variety of situations.

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Emerging Trends in Marketing Technology

marketing tech trends

The customer buying journey is constantly transformed with the way that brands and corporations choose to engage with the target audience and their devices, as well as how marketers think about marketing technology investments. These days, the top industry leaders are the people who are responsible for selecting and evaluating the newest technologies, and marketing technologies have become a core capability for many marketing teams.

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Mobile Marketing Trends

mobile marketing

Businesses are constantly trying to keep up with the brand new trends that are becoming popular with each passing day, and mobile marketing trends evolve at very high speeds. Most expert mobile marketers view mobile marketing as one of the most effective ways to reach customers on their purchasing journey.

They do this by identifying all of the people, technologies, and processes that they need and then build a clear mobile strategy that’s going to cater to them. However, having a successful mobile marketing strategy doesn’t simply mean that marketers have a good understanding of what the consumers’ mobile preferences are.

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