Dunkin Donuts App Launches Mobile Ordering

Dunkin Donuts App Launches Mobile Ordering

There was a point not that long ago when having an app was a luxury or an oddity. Now, pretty much anyone and everyone seems to have one. Some, like the incredible Girl Scout cookie locator, are very useful. Others seem to major on aggravation and minor in taking up space on your phone. But the Girl Scouts are not the only brand trying to help you get your sugar fix. Enter Dunkin’ Donuts.

The People Love Dunkin Donuts

Recently named one of the top in Customer Service among active restaurants, the national donut chain recently expanded its mobile on-the-go ordering. Kicked off this past March in NYC and Boston, the service was so popular it went national ahead of schedule. Now customers from coast to coast can send in their order directly from their mobile device through the associated app.

Dunkin’ Donuts CEO Nigel Travis called the mobile app a “game-changer” in the industry and one of the biggest in the history of the company. Orders can be placed up to 24 hours in advance, giving people a full day to indulge in dreaming about their caffeine and sugar fix.

Another service in the works for Dunkin’—curbside delivery. Forget having to go all the way over there and run through the drive thru or stand in line. Certain locations will soon roll out a service that will bring their goodies right to your car door.

Dunkin Donuts Keeps Up with Technology

Both new services are evidence of a company coming to terms with the new normal in consumer habits. What was once an oddity – ordering on your phone – is now becoming commonplace enough to promote demand for this sort of service, even from a donut and coffee chain.

Kudos, though, to Dunkin’ for figuring this out and for working to implement these new conveniences company wide for both customers and franchisees. When a brand makes a concerted effort to connect with customers where they “live” (in this case literally) it’s generally appreciated. As long as it works. There’s nothing worse than a convenience that actually makes people more frustrated. It’s got all the charm of a missed order and a broken promise all wrapped up in one.

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