What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?


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It’s easy to assume that the time for email marketing is over, thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of things like SEO, and social media. However, the truth is that even though email marketing might not be the newest advertising strategy in the world, it’s still one of the most successful. Though it’s been years since email marketing first came to the forefront of the marketing world, it’s still alive and well today because it’s the easiest way for companies to develop personalized relationships with their target audience.

Email is more than just a way to grab someone’s attention. When used correctly, this platform can allow brands to spread their awareness into new marketplaces, and nurture connections with leads. All that, and email is often much less expensive than many other marketing options too. So, what is it that makes email marketing so compelling?

Email Marketing Is Highly Targeted

Many experts in the marketing world know that if they want to achieve incredible things with their campaigns, they need to personalize their messages to suit the needs and expectations of a specific audience. While it’s always tempting to try and market a message to as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, being too broad can waste both time and money.

One of the great things about email marketing is that it gives businesses the chance to control who sees their messages through segmentation. By separating a list of contacts into specific groups, companies can issue different messages and campaigns based on specific demographics, locations, and even lead status. The more customized each message is to the needs of the target customer, the more likely it will be to generate a positive response.

Email Marketing is Easy to Measure

In any marketing campaign, analytics are crucial to determining how successful a strategy might be. Many marketing channels present somewhat vague results. On the other hand, email marketing is fantastic at providing precise, valuable KPIs for businesses to use. This means that organizations can track everything from delivery rates, to open rates, and even conversions.

The metrics that come from email marketing are more than just percentages and numbers – they’re a direct insight into customer interests and behaviors. As such, many companies use the data they gather from their email marketing campaigns to inform their other advertorial investments like PPC campaigns and SEO too.

Email Marketing is Cost Effective

Finally, perhaps one of the most compelling benefits of email marketing is the fact that it’s cost-effective and easy to use. Although email marketing can deliver plenty of value thanks to it’s insightful metrics and useful segmentation strategies, the amount of money a business needs to put into an email campaign is minimal.

Unlike direct mail campaigns, there are no postage fees or print costs to worry about, and the fact that there are countless email template and marketing companies available today to help people construct their email campaigns means that it’s easier than ever to launch a program without spending excess money on designers.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO and Founder of 5W Public Relations.

Ronn Torossian

Ronn Torossian is the founder and CEO of 5WPR and one of the most well-respected Public Relations professionals in the United States. Ronn is the author of "For Immediate Release: Shape Minds, Build Brands, and Deliver Results with Game-Changing Public Relations."

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