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It was an allegation that almost derailed the premier of the latest installment of the Predator action/horror franchise. One of the actors in the film was a registered sex offender, guilty of trying to seduce a young teen girl. That might be scandalous enough, but it was soon revealed that the movie’s director actually knew this, but hired the actor in question anyway, not just for this movie, but for a few others.

The intrepid investigator who blew the lid off this story? One of the stars of the latest Predator movie, Olivia Munn. In the days leading up to the Toronto International Film Festival, Munn went public with information she learned about the actor’s criminal past. This revelation put the future of the film, and that of director Shane Black, in question just when the movie was set to bask in the spotlight.

Munn says she has no regrets. “There was never a question in my mind whether I should be speaking out and speaking up…” Then, though, Munn had to face her colleagues, and she wasn’t sure about the reception she would receive. Speaking to the press after the premier, Munn said she felt isolated, and she expressed shock that some actors in the film applauded Black even though they knew about his casting call.

After Munn’s revelation, Black removed the single scene in which the actor in question appeared, and the movie was released as usual. However, there were still questions to answer, mostly aimed at Black. The director admitted he was wrong and asked for understanding.

“You know, I’m not just a kid who can say, ‘You know, we’re making movies in college. Put your buddy in the movie.’ This is an adult decision with real responsibilities. And I didn’t vet somebody. I take full responsibility. I’m very deeply sorry. I mean, I think about this a lot. I hope I learned from this, because it really bothers me that this movie, which could have been these beautiful people on a beautiful night with only this, has been overshadowed in some ways by a stupid decision that I made. I’m very sorry to anybody.”

Black also made what most are saying was the right call in skipping the premiere’s traditional “arrival line,” and leaving before the closing credits, thus avoiding the spotlight and directing attention away from the film premier.

Meanwhile, Munn was being celebrated by viewers waiting to see the film, as well as countless others online. For those supporters, Munn had a very clear message: “Without (your) support, I would have just still been one voice.”

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