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There are plenty of things that a business can do before a PR crisis occurs, to prepare and avoid situations like that. Thinking ahead and creating scenarios are just two of several ways in which businesses prepare in terms of crisis management and creating strategies that can combat a variety of situations.

When a PR crisis strikes, all that preparation can come in handy to everyone involved, from the company leaders, to the PR crisis team and all the employees. Knowing that the company is prepared makes handling a crisis much easier for everyone, no matter the initial outlook of the situation.

Aside from all these preparations that companies should be doing beforehand, there are several tips and procedures businesses and PR experts should follow during the crisis, to ensure a smooth protocol of response.

Assessing the situation

The first thing the crisis PR team should do is take account of the reach and intensity of the PR crisis before anyone is allowed to communicate with the customers. That way, the team can determine the appropriate level of response. This is a brief yet important step, which will allow everyone involved to take the time and get on the same page about which information should be released, and to whom. It’s also important to do it first because it helps the PR team avoid any mistakes that could lead to the situation spiraling out of control.

Prioritizing activities

The first concern during a crisis is usually the safety of the public, which includes the employees, customers, and everyone that’s impacted by the situation. This might even involve shutting down a part of the operations if an employee was injured, or recalling products if customers are getting sick from something. Although it’s important for a business to continue to function properly, no matter what, if there are any complaints about quality or a data breach, these things have to be addressed before the company can proceed with operations as usual.

Using technology

The best way to get ahead of a PR crisis while the crisis is still happening is to monitor all real-time alerts on it. Whether someone made a statement or a media outlet releases new information, the crisis PR team should be receiving alerts of what anyone and everyone is saying about the situation unfolding. When leading people step in front of the cameras, they know what they need to address.

Thinking of the employees

The PR crisis might impact the leaders of a company a lot, but it also affects the employees, and they should feel supported and protected by the company during these types of situations. All employees should be notified of what’s happening during a PR crisis, and they shouldn’t have to find out information from the news outlets or become overwhelmed by unnecessary information.

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