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WWE Takes Big Step in Evolution

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You would be hard pressed to find another more testosterone-drenched entertainment niche than pro wrestling. Buff superheroes have been bashing, slamming and vanquishing evil “heels” for generations as fans ate up the show, with its mix of acrobatic spectacle, soap opera theatrics, and carefully-scripted good versus evil morality tale.

For most of those storied decades, the women of pro wrestling were sideshows: props reduced to peripheral antagonists or eye candy. Even in-ring performers were used more for the spectacle than the athletic prowess. It was not said, but it seemed self-evident, that the industry did not feel women brought the same booking power as the men. That may still be true, but it’s much less true than it once was, and many believe there’s never been a better time to be a woman in pro wrestling.

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Simpsons Creators Respond to Criticism

The Simpsons is one of the longest running and most popular animated programs on television. The show has also spawned countless pop culture icons and references, even adding to our language in certain circumstances.

The program has also built its reputation for smartly-crafted satire that, at times, cuts very close to the bone. When engaging in that level of satire, offending people can be par for the course. But there is one aspect of that offense that keeps coming back around and doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. That topic is Apu, the Kwik-E-Mart clerk that, some say, promotes negative stereotypes and is harmful to certain segments of the population. Some are even calling the Apu character overtly racist. There’s even been a “documentary” released called “The Trouble with Apu.” Now, Fox officials and Simpsons creators are responding to these criticisms…

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Urban Meyer on Hot Seat at OSU

The skinny on iconic college football coach Urban Meyer is that he is so driven to win his heart nearly gave out on him. A hero coach at the University of Florida, Meyer left the game “for his health” only to return a few years later, to helm the powerhouse Ohio State program. Meyer was back, prowling the sideline, focused and intense.

But the rumors that plagued him at UF were still stuck to him at OSU. Meyer would do anything to win, up to and including “tolerating misconduct” from players and coaches as long as it meant winning the SEC and competing for national titles. Years ago, it was so cliché as to almost be assumed that many top-tier college football programs let some things slide in order to field their best players on Saturdays. These days, though, it’s not so easy.

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Barr Trying to Battle Back After Firing

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After several weeks of defiance, Roseanne Barr appeared poised and contrite in her first major network TV interview since being fired from her eponymous sitcom due to some tweets about former Obama advisor, Valerie Jarrett.

It’s a new look for a comedian who has built her career stepping across the line with sharp satire and humor directed at social norms and political trends. Barr has always been edgy, even when her popular sitcom was not, yet, when Twitter users reacted with outrage over tweets deemed to be racist, Barr was quickly ousted by ABC.

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Lovato Uses Personal Struggles to Inspire Fans

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It only took moments after the news broke saying Demi Lovato was being hospitalized for a drug overdose for critics to jump on social media and condemn the singer. At the same time, well-wishers flooded the ‘net trying to drown out the trolls with their support of a young woman in crisis.

A few days after the hospitalization was revealed, it was announced that Lovato would be entering a rehab program to help get her off the drugs that nearly took her life. This will be the second time, this decade, Lovato went through a professional substance abuse program.

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Paramount TV President Fired Over Racial Remarks

While it’s true that socio-cultural norms change with time and environment, there are always going to be some things one cannot say, in any context, in a business setting. Or, rather, you can say them, but it will lead to consequences. These consequences could be a loss of respect, a loss of opportunity to advance, the loss of a job, or, in affect, career suicide.

In recent years, in-context comments or ‘jokes’ that would have been given a pass – if not a laugh – not that long ago, have led to major consequences for even some of the most powerful people in their professions. From Roseanne Barr to “Papa” John Schnatter, it’s become pretty clear that racial commentary is one of these hardline, no questions asked, lines one should not cross.

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IHOP Burger Gimmick Fails to Entice

Rebranding is serious business, even if the campaign you use to communicate the plan is delivered with tongue firmly planted in cheek. There are a lot of variables and multiple interlocking considerations. How will we communicate our reasons? How will longtime customers react? How will the target customers we want to attract react to the campaign? How will our staff and management communicate this change to their team? Will we have a single, cohesive vision and message, or will people adlib and create brand confusion? Will people love it or hate it? So many questions…

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Optus Falls Apart Under World Cup Pressure

Television and telecommunications company “Optus” recently faced a serious blow to their reputation after it’s FIFA World Cup streaming services failed to deliver high-quality viewing over the weekend on the 16th and 17th of June. The company has issued a quick response apologizing for several problems all the way from low-quality streams to playback issues and buffering problems. The Twitter page features an apology directly from CEO Allen Lew.

Following a quick planning session, Lew revealed that the six games ready to appear on the Optus Sports application would need to be on a free-to-air system with the TV network SBS. Lew referred to the change in viewing patterns to a failsafe option and said that he and the company would get to work immediately on sorting the issues out.

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Is Disney’s Pixar Pier Up to Snuff?

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Disney California’s Adventure Park opened its doors to the eagerly-awaited Pixar Pier on the 23rd of June this year. Within the park, visitors can find a selection of wonderful Pixar stories and characters brought to life by exciting attractions like the amazing “Incredicoaster,” beautiful neighborhoods and Pixar-themed restaurants. Alongside a host of new entertainment, there are countless opportunities for tourists to learn more about the Pixar world on a waterfront Disneyland Resort. Pixar Pier is just one of the celebratory events that Disney are introducing as part of Pixar Fest – a celebration of all things Pixar running until the 3rd of September. One of the many highlights of Pixar Fest is the Nighttime spectacular “Together Forever” fireworks show at Disneyland parks.

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Former Obama Spokesman Joins United Air

Former Obama Spokesman Joins United Air

The United Continental Holdings group is taking the next step in their reputation management strategy this month by hiring former President Barack Obama’s previous spokesman as a new chief communications officer. The industry veteran, Josh Earnest has the potential to play a significant part in United’s leadership team as the company struggles to maintain a strong position in the marketplace.

Although United Airlines is suffering from a relatively bumpy experience reputation-wise, Josh Earnest could be the cure they’ve been looking for. Earnest has a lot of experience managing communications within an agile and volatile environment, making him a strong fit for the airline.

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