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NBA Legend David Robinson Hammers UNC Over Scandal

david robinson

The NCAA may not be punishing the University of North Carolina over the academic fraud scandal, but that doesn’t mean the school is completely out off the hook. Since the FBI investigation, the NCAA has created the “Commission on College Basketball,” a committee to investigate what happened at UNC and to take steps to keep it from happening ever again.

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LL Cool J Hopes to Introduce Gen Z to Old-School Hip-Hop


ronn torossian ll cool j

When he hit the airwaves in the mid-1980s, LL Cool J was a fresh, young face in rap. He was also a bridge between street corner rapping and pop-heavy hip-hop. It took a few years, but his 1989 album, Walking with a Panther, and the Rick Rubin-produced hit single “Going Back to Cali” made LL a legitimate recording superstar.

His fame transcended rap and helped lay the foundation – along with groups like Public Enemy and Run-DMC – for rap as a crossover sensation on the radio and in the Walkmans and boom boxes of millions of fans.

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Three Necessities For Every Desk

ronn torossian desk

At a glance, most professional desks will look the same. The average worker will have their printer, a computer, a keyboard, and perhaps a desk phone if they regularly engage in calls with clients and coworkers. However, besides the essentials, there are a few added extras that can be included in the desk environment to make every work day a little more productive and efficient.

While some employees take the “better safe than sorry” approach to supplying their desk and pack their table full of every tool and gadget they can think of, other professionals have the opposite problem in that they have no idea what they should keep on their desk to begin with. The following three things are items that will help to improve your office experience and increase productivity without causing clutter.

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What are the Benefits of Email Marketing?


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It’s easy to assume that the time for email marketing is over, thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of things like SEO, and social media. However, the truth is that even though email marketing might not be the newest advertising strategy in the world, it’s still one of the most successful. Though it’s been years since email marketing first came to the forefront of the marketing world, it’s still alive and well today because it’s the easiest way for companies to develop personalized relationships with their target audience.

Email is more than just a way to grab someone’s attention. When used correctly, this platform can allow brands to spread their awareness into new marketplaces, and nurture connections with leads. All that, and email is often much less expensive than many other marketing options too. So, what is it that makes email marketing so compelling?

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Skipper Claims Resignation Inspired by “Extortion Plot”

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You don’t normally hear the terms “Disney” and “extortion” in the same story, but you’re about to. You may or may not be aware that ESPN President John Skipper recently resigned from his role in that company. There were many people speculating as to why, but most sources remained tight lipped on the issue.

Not Skipper. He got right out in front of the story, stifling rumors about why he was fired with a story that shocked people even more.

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Disengaged Employees: How To Fix The Problem

desk ronn torossian

Every manager dreams of being able to bring the best out in their employees. Yet, achieving true engagement, productivity, and efficiency from top-tier talent can be easier said than done. Managers are almost constantly dealing with chronic problems of under-performance in their business, caused by an unacceptably high number of staff feeling underwhelmed and disengaged at work.

If hires feel uninterested and emotionally disconnected from the companies they work for, then they’re less likely to give business efforts their all. The good news is that there are ways for management to bring employees out of their shell and encourage them to accomplish more on the job. Leading by example and pushing for greater dedication from workers is a step-by-step process that can be much easier than it seems.

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Brit Music ’Zine NME Goes Digital-Only  

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New Musical Express broke ground in the entertainment media business for decades. Now, for the first time in 66 years, NME will no longer have a print publication. Everything is being pushed online, according to reports in CNN and other outlets. NME has been a stalwart in the entertainment media game for generations, but the publications ownership group, Time Inc., says the media industry is too tough to continue the print edition of the publication. There’s just not enough bang for their print advertising buck. Lower incomes and rising print costs finally reached a tipping point.

This shift is quite a change from just three years ago, when NME was a free weekly music magazine with a newly-minted web presence. Since then, though, web traffic has been significant and growing, while readership of the print piece has not been sufficient to draw enough ad revenue.

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Domino’s Is Winning the Pizza Market: But Why?

ronn torossian pizza public relations

Pizza chain Domino’s has moved ahead of the competition, and it continues to gain. Besting Pizza Hut for the first time ever, Domino’s hopes to hold that position as the country’s favorite pizza joint. The secret, market watchers say, is in easy delivery. More and more, when American consumers want pizza, they are ordering out, rather than eating in. That puts brands like Pizza Hut, which still depend on restaurants for much of their income, at a disadvantage. They have a larger footprint, higher payroll, and a different image in the eyes of consumers.

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5 Things To Do and NOT Do At Your Desk

Desk Ronn Torossian

5 Things To Do At Your Desk

If you routinely work at a desk, there are a few things you should be doing all the time, if you aren’t doing them already, or if it has been a while since you last did them, consider these things.

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