Using a Webinar to Build your Business

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With more people working remotely and more consumers relying on digital platforms, it’s only natural for employers and marketers to seriously consider putting on webinars. Cloud-based programs can help employers with newly hired remote staff when it comes to onboarding, but interactive webinars can bridge the gap in training and educating remote staff.

Brands that market to consumers can take advantage of more home-bound folk by offering webinars that match their interests. Done well, webinars can help fill the sales funnel and generate new leads. It establishes the brand as the authority on a subject or the go-to source for information. Best of all, it builds customer loyalty.

Webinars are a wonderful opportunity for brands to partner with others and leverage the publicity attached to that. For example, a company selling kitchen appliances might partner with a well-known chef on a webinar showing people how to prep for a meal using that appliance. Not only will the appliance be prominently featured, but if the chef’s followers are also alerted to the webinar, the brand has an excellent opportunity to market to a new audience. The other side of the trade-off is that the brand’s viewers will become acquainted with the chef’s restaurant.

One area that saw a sales increase during the pandemic is arts and crafts. Stores carrying these supplies might team up with expert crafters for a series of webinars on everything from crocheting to beading, jewelry making, and even pottery. The topics are limitless. Finances are another popular topic and has a potentially large audience. A financial institution or mutual fund that partners with a financial planner can benefit from an audience seeking guidance in areas like planning for retirement, investing for the future, and a host of other reasons.

Brands looking to launch something new might also consider a webinar. Remember tie-dyes? The technique had been around well before it became popularly revitalized in the 1960’s era of hippies and psychedelic era. A webinar and publicity leading up to launch could spark a new trend.

While the most popular webinars have been focused on self-improvement, others aimed at technology, fashion, nutrition, health, photography, and alternative healthcare have also grown in popularity. Brands serving consumers in those areas might seriously consider increasing advertising budgets to webinars directed to these audiences.

Webinar Prep

Choosing a topic that’s strong and grabs people’s attention is critical. If it requires a partner/presenter, teaming up with an expert in the field and already known is a big help. Be sure to collaborate on promoting the webinar to leverage both audiences. And next to aggressively promoting the webinar, it’s essential to have an appealing webinar landing page. The good news is that there are many good templates already out there. And be sure to get attendees’ permission to send them information.

As registrations come in, ensure that registrants aren’t just sent confirmation notices and promotional materials related to the upcoming webinar. Thank them afterward and keep sending them materials relevant to the webinar topic.

Is running a Webinar worth it?

Besides the regular thank you for attending email, ask the recipient’s permission to complete a short survey of not just how they liked the webinar, but what else the brand might do to satisfy their interest. Log and track these responses so future communications might be tailored to each consumer.

Finally, repurpose the good webinars and edit them so that highlights might be used in blogs, ads, and other social media platforms.

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