White Castle teams up with Wu-Tang Clan to promote its new slider


In it’s new promotional stunt, White Castle has teamed up with hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan to create a four-part online series called “Wu Tang in Space Eating Impossible Sliders”. The series is an attempt to promote the fast-food chain’s new addition to its menu – the Impossible Slider, a plant-based burger.

The first episode of the series was released on October 3 and features Wu-Tang Clan members answering questions by fans ranging from “what is my dog thinking?” to “what is the meaning of life?” The upcoming episodes will focus on Earth vs. Mars, infinity and evolution. The series has been shot in the style of old-school science fiction TV shows. In an impressive move, the series has been created by an all-female creative department. The space-theme campaign was inspired by Impressive Foods’ vision create a more sustainable way of living and eating. The public can engage with the campaign via social media using hashtag #ImpossibleSlider.

White Castle’s campaign is a move to appeal to a younger and conscious consumer base, as the popularity of classic fast-food has declined in recent years. Wendy’s and Burger King has also hopped on this train, as fast-food chains are pressed to stand out by going beyond the usual burgers and fries.

The partnership with Impossible Foods, the startup behind the Impossible Burger, represents White House attempt to focus on healthy and sustainable food options. Gen Zers and Millennials are the driving market behind plant-based meat alternatives as they are more interested in clean eating and vegan options. Additionally, they are also the generation more likely to frequent fast food restaurants.

Allied Market Research estimated annual growth in the meat-substitute market to be 8.4 percent, reaching $5.2 billion globally by 2020.

The use of the 90’s rap group Wu-Tang Clan to engage fans on social media also shows the company is clearly targeting a younger and more tech-savvy demographic. The use of online video content has become a popular method in marketing. The interactive element of the campaign is bound to garner attention and get people talking on social media.

The retro sci-fi element creates a nostalgic vibe, which makes for a fun marketing tool! In recent marketing campaigns, White Castle has also used TV parodies, and in June, the chain ran a Facebook live show imitating a home-shopping show to promote its Chicken Rings.

As an April Fool’s Day prank, White Castle released a YouTube video promoting a 100% White Castle Whey Protein Powder, which contains the “power of 27 sliders with a touch of onions”. The video was done in an informational-style format.

Through these campaigns, the marketing team has been able to capture various youth trends – use of interactive video-based media, more conscious eating habits, and an appreciation of the “old days”.

Ronn Torossian

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