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Apple v. Qualcomm: A PR win

The scene is this: The opening arguments for Apple vs Qualcomm are well underway in the Southern District of San Diego, with the US District Court Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel first disallowing, then reversing his decision and allowing live tweeting. Included in the passionate arguments are allegations of double-dipping, talk of KFC and its secret recipe, debates over chicken and potatoes. Who says the world of corporate law is a dull one?

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Scheer’s mass text a bold but risky move

newspaper cyber attack

Receiving an unexpected text messages can catch anyone off guard, especially when it comes from a federal political leader. Even so, it’s part of a new strategy from the Conservative Party of Canada.

In provinces without a carbon pricing system in place, including Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick, residents have been on the receiving end of a text message campaign launched by Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer.

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Arizona PR Scrutiny Reveals Good Reasons to Have a Plan in Place

arizona public relations

Voters in Arizona, as well as some lawmakers and media representatives are currently asking the state charter board why it’s spending thousands of dollars each month on a single contractor for “ill-defined media relations” work.

According to reports, the state hired PR representation back in 2017, when it faced “critical media reports” relative to “financial self-dealing and mismanagement” in the Arizona charter sector. The PR professional at the heart of this matter responded to the media critique by saying:

“While I don’t speak for the Board, my recollection is that the Board and charter schools generally had become the subject of intense media focus back in 2017, including a significant number of negative stories…”

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Ratings Fall in Wake of Bad Press

victoria secret pr

Recently, cultural news program 1A on National Public Radio devoted at least an hour-long segment, essentially, to arguing that the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is not a good look. The arguments made both by guests and by callers and posters on social media touched on the style of the garments, the look of the models, the quality of the products, and the expectations consumers feel when they see a standard Victoria’s Secret advertisement, even one as slickly produced as the fashion show.

In the same segment, guests and callers frequently and loudly promoted VS competitors that are considered, especially by Millennials, to be both more socially conscious and “woke” to socio-cultural trends.

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NFL Found the Secret to Revival: Touchdowns

nfl public relations

For two years, the most popular, and one of the most profitable, programs on television suffered an ongoing consumer PR crisis. The NFL just couldn’t seem to get out of its own way. From Roger Goodell being booed during televised draft programs to the exodus of fans from live games and TV viewing, the NFL struggled to find solutions to their nagging troubles.

The issues, from the fans’ perspectives, were many: the deaths of legendary players from brain disease, unpopular rule changes, the anthem scandal, the so-called “coddling” of quarterbacks, and the off-the-field issues of well-paid players committing violent crimes and seeming to receive relative slaps on the wrist. As of this writing, it was announced a player accused not once, but twice, of domestic violence was signed by the Redskins just after being cut by the 49ers. Fans and critics raged.

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Effective Marketing Strategies You’re Probably Not Doing

marketing strategy

The primary goal for most marketing teams these days is to get the most out of your digital marketing campaign. While SEO and content marketing are the bread and butter of digital marketing, if you’re only using those methods then you are limiting the potential of your marketing campaign.

There are other effective methods that you can use as a digital marketer to maximize your marketing strategy and reach more people with your campaign. While these methods might not be an ‘one size fits all’, try someone new and different to find out what works for you. These strategies might be just what you need to reinvigorate your campaign:

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Unconventional Management Tips to Boost Team Performance

Strong and effective teams are usually the driving force behind a successful company. It has been shown time and again that when team member support each other and work cooperatively, they perform better than groups where the members are focused on their individual interest.

Every single person in the team from the CEO to intern has an important part to play when it comes to having an positive impact on team performance.An exceptional manager is able to understand this and the importance of a cooperative group dynamic. They find ways to piece together different pieces of a team to create a cohesive and functional unit working towards a common goal.

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White Castle teams up with Wu-Tang Clan to promote its new slider


In it’s new promotional stunt, White Castle has teamed up with hip hop group Wu-Tang Clan to create a four-part online series called “Wu Tang in Space Eating Impossible Sliders”. The series is an attempt to promote the fast-food chain’s new addition to its menu – the Impossible Slider, a plant-based burger.

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Conners Debut Sends Mixed Signals to ABC

abc marketing

Ever since it was announced that “The Conners” would replace long-running and recently revived sitcom, “Roseanne,” with the forced departure of the show’s creator and star, opinions have been lining up on both sides of the “Roseanne” divide to see what would happen when the first episode aired. Now, that question has been answered, and it seems to have given narrative ammunition to both sides of the argument.

On the side of ABC, which fired Roseanne and banished her from her own show after the comedian published a tweet many found racist, you have people touting 10.5 million viewers tuning in to see the show. Those ratings are more than “pretty good.” In fact, those numbers made “The Conners” the most-watched ABC show of this season so far. In fact, “The Conners” was the biggest new program on any major network.

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Why Do We Care So Much About the #SummerOfBreakups?

summer of breakup

Back in 2015, a new hashtag jumped onto the Twitter scene, pushing people to question everything they thought they knew about love and romance. The #SummerOfBreakups hashtag was the beacon for every celebrity breakup that took place that year. Importantly, the breakups didn’t just happen throughout summer either, the hashtag continued to trend well into Autumn too.

While obsession over celebrity love lives isn’t anything new for the modern world, the rise of social media has drawn extra attention to just how much time people spend thinking about the relationships of their famous idols. Psychologists and other people in the media have been left to wonder why people care so much about things like the #SummerOfBreakups. Now that summer is here again, we thought it was time to find out.

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